Leeds, Alabama

I just stood in line since 520pm to buy a ipad found out at 4 gave wristbands! Wtf happened to first come first serve?????

Got a "voucher" after 6 to PAY for ipad mini comw to find out i have to go online nd wait also been waiting since 9pm online waiting to be able to register.... Pure *** if u ask me... Not at 11:20pm finally registered the *** nd i see no where is my $100 gift cars back took all the money $328.90 that i orgionally paid but no $100 back like promised. Also i have to wait 2 *** weeks for my merchandise that i paid for to get here!!

Like seriously wtf i waited for the ipad in line forever nd paid to wait.. Iam going to go talk to the manager tomorrow bc ots *** i paid full price for a *** ipad nd still have to wait til i buy one.

I would def get a refund and take my business elsewhere. This years preblack friday sucked bc theres no such thing as first come first serve bc if u have a wristband and u then come up nd claim a item late just bc u have a wristband!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Claim.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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Do you think Wal-Mart mailed wristbands to random customers you ***. They were there before you.

Wal-Mart is so greedy that it has figured out a way to let people who showed up early spend their money on other useless *** and still get what they showed up early to get. I see complaints about wrist bands every year. It is a constant reminder that this pissed off Wal-Mart manager will always have a job.

You people are so dumb that you will continue to come back no matter how *** your experience was.


Black friday deals are a scam to get you in the store and hope you buy some other items. Scam


Hahaha, this is great. Happy Thanksgiving *** No one feels bad for you.


It was first come first served. Customers were able to get their wristbands 2 hours before each sale, this enabled them to shop for other things instead of waiting in line.

Customers would then come back at 6 or 8(whichever time the item went on sale). As far as the guarantee, customers who did not receive a wristband would get a guarantee card to register online and the item will be shipped to the store before Christmas.

At that time, you will receive your $100.00 gift card. Im sure the system was overloaded with so many people registering at one time but you have to be patient.


Saying that, "you have to be patient" is just another way of saying, "shut up and take whatever *** we are giving you." It's obvious that you either work for Wal Mart or have some interest in the company, so you need to let people vent. That is what a site like this is for.

Your Black Friday event was frustrating, time consuming and hardly worth the savings. So you should expect complaints and YOU need to be patient.


It was explained to us that once you go to the store to pickup the iPad you will be given the $100 gift card there at that time.