TIP: Fed Up Walmart Customer Takes Over Register

TIP for your website: Fed Up Walmart Customer Takes Over Register

After waiting to be helped for 20 minutes, Jeff takes over the sporting goods counter to call the store operator as he and two other customers wait for assistance. Jeff gets bored and also pranks a customer into thinking he works for Walmart.

After waiting to be helped for 20 minutes, Jeff takes over the sporting goods counter to call the store operator as he and two other customers wait for assistance. Jeff gets bored and also pranks a customer into thinking he works for Walmart.

After waiting to be helped for 20 minutes, Jeff takes over the sporting goods counter to call the store operator as he and two other customers wait for assistance. Jeff gets bored and also pranks a customer into thinking he works for Walmart.

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It's common to see departments understaffed in most retail stores. It is a cost-saving measure.

All retailers face the same problem: They have only two controllable costs.

They can either control inventory costs or payroll. You can't cut your product mix (remember what happened when Walmart cut out a couple kinds of paper plates?) because you'll lose customers.

So you cut payroll, you watch your customer volume and hope you can put just enough people on the floor to get by without being shoplifted into bankruptcy.

That said, as a former Walmart employee, I think the video was staged. I would have been more impressed had he gone behind the paint counter and mixed his own paint, because it seems NOBODY wants to do that.

Orlando, Florida, United States #829571

jeff is an arrogant white trash *** and *** who thinks he can get away with ANYTHING he wants because he's white trash garbage...white males are impatient f*cks who do anything they want and get away with it...jeff is an impatient POS son of a b*tch...if that was a female doing that and jeff was the manager he'd have her arrested...jeff is an arrogant white trash fagit ***...loser whack this loser across his nasty self for thinking he can do anything he wants if he doesn't get his way...lots of people have to wait- they go to customer service to get help not get on the phone there...that was pointless *** arrogant and uncalled for...jeff is a *** piece of arrogant white trash sh*t

Findlay, Ohio, United States #827809

Just remember the next time you have a bad experience with a Walmart associate that they may not really work there. It might be a "Jeff" playing make believe.

Denver, Colorado, United States #827357

Really anonymous, Wal-Mart employees that busy helping customers for 20 min?! Have you ever been to a Wal-Mart?

You need to lighten up! This guy made no misrepresention, nor committed any fraud, or break any laws.

He used a phone to call the operator to get employees to do their jobs!

to Down with Wal-Mart 0712 #827605

He pranked customers into believing that he worked there. Only employees are allowed behind the counters and have use of the phones. He was not employed there and whether he waited 20 minutes or 2 hours does not give him the right to treat the store as his own little playground.

to Anonymous Montgomery, Alabama, United States #827657

So like others have stated what harm has he done, he stole a piece of paper, oh have him hung and beheaded. He did not break any laws, and it did get the attention of the employees and get not only him but the two other people waiting as well help.

He would probably have been standing there for ten hours if he had not called them. He used their phone and stole a piece of paper. He was having a little fun, I would hate to see the boring life you and that other anonymous poster from Tempa Florida live. Yeah maybe it was childish, but the only thing he did wrong was call the sales lady a girl when he is the same age as her.

He used the phone to get help not make racist posts.

to harris #827692

So you condone this??? If he was that impatient he should have went to the customer service desk and asked for management or left the store and went someplace else.

If I had to wait 20 minutes at the dmv, would it be ok for me to go behind the counter, sit in the chair and tell people I work there and can give them driving tests? It would be the same thing Jeff did.

Just a different business. You apparantly dont own a business or you wouldnt find it so amusing.

to harris #1003978

You know, the associates there are busy helping other customers. It is not their fault if Walmart management is so poor that WM has such a high turnover rate.

These are minimum wage earning, overworked, abused people.

People like you and the person in the OP don't care. Customers like you and the guy from the article also contributes to Wm's high turnover rate


Jeff should have been arrested as he has no business going behind the counter and helping himself to the phone or anything else for that matter. The associates were probably busy with other customers but regardless of that, He should have went and told management.

Walmart is a business not a playground for Jeff to play his pranks. He sounds very childish to me.

First Born Triplet
to Anonymous Toronto, Ontario, Canada #827353

No offense, but if Jeff could mess around with the cash register and make a six minute youtube video something is wrong with this store.

to Anonymous Mawgan Porth, England, United Kingdom #827661

"He sounds very childish to me."

Well Jeff looks like he is in his late teens, early 20's what do you expect. Yeah he has no business behind the counter, and he and the other man need to learn to be more patient.

to Anonymous #1015115

you suck all wal mart employees do for the most part is little to nothing. im not talking about the white or the older black employees im talking about the useless ones there just for the pay check like the ones that were there when jeff was there.

Tampa, Florida, United States #827048

Sounds like Jeff needs to be banned from the store. Don't you remember a few years ago when a customer took it upon himself to use the Walmart phone and ask all the black people to leave? They're not so lenient about customers using the phones any more and that guy was charged with a hate crime.

First Born Triplet
to Anonymous Toronto, Ontario, Canada #827351

Yeah but what he is doing is harmless, a prank, not racist at all. Jeff is not doing a hate crime. He is just having fun.

First Born Triplet
Toronto, Ontario, Canada #826975

Jeff sounds like a lot of fun.

to First Born Triplet Montgomery, Alabama, United States #827658

Exactly, some people know how to lighten up and have fun. He did not break any laws, he did not hurt anyone. Wonder if the posters that think Jeff should be beheaded and hung what they do for fun, probably stick around and watch tennis or soccer two of the most boringist sports in the world.

to harris #831213

We don't think he should be hung or beheaded, simply he should be penalized for touching store equipment. It would be like some stranger walking into your house because you left the door unlocked and using your computer for god knows what.

It was not his place and if I child did so, their parent would punish them for it.

As an "adult," Jeff has no one to punish him but the law as he knew better.

Also, though I don't watch sports in general, if you think tennis and soccer are boring, I am sad to say something like swimming would make you die of boredom. Forget shuffleboard.

to Anonymous #1014968

back to the old folks home where you belong with your shuffleboard ***. people get fed up with waiting for help from walmart employes.

every time you go in there theres 4 to 5 black employes standing around talking when you ask them for help they say they don't work in that department what are they in there for doing nothing in the first place.

if you don't want to work than don't apply for the job. go JEFF

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