Logan, Utah

I am really ticked off about my last trip to my local walmart for the regular service of our car, in the past our local walmart in good old Logan, Utah has been really good.

It started about two and a half months ago when we took the car in for the oil change the Tech came and got my wife and took her down in to the pit and showed her the oil pan and the leak and the oil plug that was stripped,after going back to the computer and showing them that they had just changed the oil, they fessed up that and had a new oil pan put on.

Well on New Year Eve early in the day

she goes shopping at Walmart and decided to have the oil changed on the car, while shopping she hears hear name called over the intercom to come back to auto and lube.

Mrs. Burns we have stripped out the drain plug in your oil pan, We will have the car towed to a shop and have it fixed and you go pick it up and (PAY FOR IT !!!) and we will reimburse you .

Well needless to say I was out of town

and my family couldn't get to Jackson Hole Wyo. to spend New Years with me

and my older son ,not to mention the money lost on booked reservations at Teton Village and going without a car for 3 days.

After talking with the Dept. Manager he did go and pay the bill.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Oil Change.

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Wal-Mart is a bunch of Crooks. We had 4 brand new tires put on our van yesterday.

We got up this morning and one of the tires were flat. My husband aired the tire up and took it back to them. They took the tire off and we had a cracked rim. The rims were fine when the old tires were on there.

They would have noticed a darn cracked rim when they put them on. They cracked our rim putting the new tires on. We filed a claim at the store and they refused to give us the claim number. They told us it would take 24-48 hours to even find out it they can do anything about it.

My husband has to drive the cracked rim home just to get home. Join me in a Boycott against Wal-mart!!!!

I will take all my business to K-Mart and Foodlion. Down with Wal-Mart!!!!


the only thing walmart is good at is screwing up America. Take your business elsewhere


The tire and lube in Florence, SC needs more serious workers. They need to be mor eserious about their jobs and other people property.

I went in there to get my oil changed and when they were driving cars out of the shop, they were speeding as if they were on a race track.

It took forever for me to get my oil changed because they were laughing and joking, playing and flirting with customers. I don't know where the manager was but, they need to either get serious or get new staff.


Last year I purchased two tire and had them put on the front and the ones in the front put in the back. The ones in the front were Good year and I had purchased them from Sams.

A few weeks later, my husband noticed that one of the back tires was almosty bald. I told him that can not be true. I went out and there was a tire "bald as he stated", but not a God year someone had stolen one of my tires. I had been anywhere else.

I took it to the same Walmart and they denied that were at fault. The supervisor did not want to take care of it. I asked for the store manager and he stated that he was not in that day.

He finally sold me a tire for half price. I still was upset and have not been back to their tire department.


Stripping the drain plug or pan is common. It's a sign of sloppy unattentive work.

After your first bad experience, you shouldn't have gone for a second one too.