Rockville, Maryland
Not resolved

3 month old tire leaks. It had been noisy. They could not find the leak twice. Called corporate and complained. I finally got them to replace by spreading the word to others in Walmart that they would not take care of them. Even then with three managers involved they claimed it was the rim. How would they know since they were also claiming no leak. Right I am there for a good tire not leaking. Called me a liar. Claiming it was NOT leaking. Four asst managers insisted it did not leak that they could not possibly be wrong.

New tire and no leaking. Of course. Come on a leaky four year old rim. Really.

After replacing it I called Corporate again. Corporate evidently told the Walmart that I went to to blame the rim. I left off the call wondering if the Walmart was in trouble for fixing my tire.

Do not buy tires there. Do not believe anything they tell you. If you do be ready to fight for your rights.

Monetary Loss: $115.

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I would never buy tires at walmart. they pay the lowest wages of all the tire companies, and you the customer get what they pay for. terrible service (low paid unhappy employees)