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Just contacted Cindy in marketing manager Steve Kisafbeth's office...she explained back in October 2016, Steve ordered Cambridge Walmart to replace defective tires I purchased from them...Managers of Walmart in small claims court told Magistrate Warhola ... the tires were gifts.

Of course the Magistrate agreed with Walmart Cambridge and the truth from Steve Kisabeth Marketing manager in Charlotte, N.C.

was never honored by Walmart Cambridge, Ohio.. I'm an Army Veteran, 70 years of age with a family and a 4 year old grandson who will have empty spaces under the Christmas tree due the over $4000 i have incurred due this negligence..Oh me Mr.Kisabeth and Cindy..How could you treat me this way

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Tire Repair.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $3000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: Managers honesty.

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So defective tires. How were they defective??

If Walmart didn’t have to by law replace your tires and they did then it was a gift. Maybe it’s time to retire that attitude it’s not working for you.

to Anonymous #1440455

Your failing to understand that I bought 2 tires, replaced strut assembly and purchased new rims due the fact Walmart insisted was the problem. They insisted I had frame damage and/or bad rims.

The 4 tires were a upgrade on size due Walmart not having 2 more tires of the same size from original purchase. Opinions are like {{Redacted}}......everyone's got 1!!!!!!!!!!

to John #1440497

So what you are saying is that you purchased the up sell and NOW claim a defect in the tires? Ok firstly IF you purchased the extras then that is on YOU!

YOUR CHOICE!! Not anyone else. As even you have stated everyone has an opinion. In the service persons OPINION you neede the extras.

But at the end of the day YOU made a choice. Do you have a regular person who works on your vehicle? If so you always ask them to document anything that a service person suggests and then take it up with your regular mechanic. If you did not do that then once again ON YOU.

I don’t care how old you are, your gender, your life experiences. If you purchased extras then get over it, it was your choice. You could have said no! Ignorance of vehicular mechanics is not a valid excuse as if you are that uneducated in car repair then you DO have a regular mechanic.

At the end of the day if they GAVE you extra tires it was a gift to APPEASE YOU. I also don’t see where you are showing ANY defect of any kind. Nor do you explain that you purchased the extras. If you can’t give all the available information on your situation how is anyone to assist you.

Plus sir this is a public forum so if you don’t like what someone has to say then {{Redacted}}.

Once again you CHOSE an action and must deal with the consequences. I find it hard to believe that you as an adult do not understand this fact.

to Durpa #1440588

Don't know a thing about up sell or b.s. like that.

I punctured my r/f tire on a piece of metal. The tires had 20,000 miles on them. I bought 2 replacing both front. The story begins from there okay!

As far as "tough titty" comment I don't mind that either, I guess it was MY BAD for not TOTALLY explaining the entire story. P.S. I have paid documentation that now total's $2600. This includes $800 when I purchased Goodyear Ultra-Terrain Tires and said the *** with waiting on them.

The safety of my life as well as my family were at stake!!! I do not need to prove my adulthood one bit.

I do not have a regular mechanic, my truck is newer and has NEVER had any maintenance other than oil changes and battery replacement. Just to be sure yes this is a "public forum" thankfully.

to Anonymous #1440580

Insofar as defective, you cannot argue with a computerized road force balance test ran from Dunning Motor Sales Cambridge, Ohio. I NEVER asked them to replace them.

It was total re-imbursement from costs I paid and/or careless work done by Walmart employee's. First of all, I purchased 2 tires okay $280, then I had to drive 80 miles roundtrip looking for the nearest junk yard that had rims that matched my truck Walmart insisted were bent $75, Tire center employee when changing spare tire was caught by me using a 3/4" socket wrench tightening my spare tire cable. The cable was misguided by the employee that will cause me to cut the cable should i ever need the spare $120, so there, Market manager I spoke to suggested he give me 4 tires in lieu of my spending or will spend some $450 for my aggravation okay. Now that you know the total story, I have nothing better to do today.

My attitude is A-OK, If it happened to you perhaps I would feel the same. Peace AN!



You state that the Walmart Tire Center manager as well as the Walmart Store manager lied to the Small Claims Court Magistrate, yet you also stated this in your complaint.

I didn't like: Managers honesty.

So which one is it?

Were the mangers honest or not honest?

to Anonymous #1440267

The Walmart store manager never spoke to the Court! He had his Tire center manager as well as assistant managers speak!

to Anonymous #1440268

The store manager never took the stand or spoke to the Judge.. Tire store manager took the stand and spoke to Magistrate. Hells bells, he was an assistant manager when the problem occurred..the tire center manager i dealt with wasn't there.

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