Miami, Florida

We are a new small buisness KCPS/LLC property preservation service & buy ALL supplies @ Walmart. Two weeks ago heading home from work 3hours away, Tire on trailer blew out 2 miles from 24 hr WM in Albany Ga.

Manager stated she couldnt sell us tire tire center closed they ring up differently on register. 4 hours we were on side of road nothing open,a monster night.

1 hour ago, our crew chief called to report another bad trailer tire & stated he went to walmart in Dothan Al, tire center Closed and employee flipped on lights got him a tire and rang it up on register up front! Someone High up on Walmart Ladder should know about this!!

Trying to Tremor down.

PeNelope/KCPS/LLC Coleman, Ga

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

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What one store in one state does has no bearing on what one in another does. I heard of a store manager of a Walmart getting fired, and arrested and fined for going into the pharmacy when it was closed and giving a customer their prescription.

Big fat no no. Just because some *** does it does not mean they are supposed to.

They are not supposed to sell tires outside TLE. Just like a pharmacist has to be present to give medication, a TLE associate has to be present to sell tires and batteries.


You may want to contact WalMart management. Complaining on an internet comment board is going to get you nowhere.


So even if you did get your tire, how were you going to get in on your truck trailer?