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Update by user May 02, 2018

After more than a month I received a check with no explanation of what it covered (it was not the complete amount of the estimates and supplemental estimates provided to Walmart). When I dared to request an accounting I was told that was not their usual practice.

After several emails requesting to know what they paid for I received a curse statement with little details about which of the three estimates they were referring. After going through the numbers I believe they did not include replacing the actual wheel and hub that was damaged as well as any of the supplemental damage/repairs the body/repair shop discovered during the actual repair (additional to the original) preliminary estimates. Most importantly - they never apologized for all the trouble I suffered for being stranded in the desert highway town of Baker CA (200 miles from home) nor the more than a month without a vehicle. Most unprofessional treatment I have ever received from an insurance claim "professional" and they NEVER described what corrective actions they took to keep this issue from happening again.

I do not suggest anyone trust them to properly tighten wheel lugs/bolts when getting tires rotated or mounted.

I guess Walmart is happy with the "Buyer Beware" moniker and apparently has no respect for customers having to deal with lazy and non-responsive insurance adjusters. Yes, I complained to her, her manager, and her boss with no result.

Original review posted by user Mar 21, 2018

Firstly, I am blessed to be alive and grateful for the fact that my wheel did not fall off while I was going down the highway with my daughter and grandkids in the car. I am thankful that I heard some noise and started to pull off the highway before it crashed. I cannot imagine what might have happened if I was still going 65 miles an hour pulling the 25-foot trailer when it happened.

BUT - I have been waiting for over a month for Walmart Claims Management Incorporated – CMI (Processing Center) to "process" the claim to repair my car after broken studs caused my entire wheel to come off my truck while in motion... it caused significant physical damage to the body doors fenders steps brake rotor steering knuckle, electric steps, rear panel, bumper and lights ...etc... it has been a horrible process of me sending them all my maintenance records (showing they have been taking care of my tires for about 6 years as well as the receipt for rotating and balancing my tires a few weeks earlier) including my original purchase date of the vehicle, VIN, mileage at time of accident/now, and copies of all my WALMART records of maintenance pictures of all the damage from the repair facility with their estimate... then they had me ask the repair facility to break the estimate up into three separate estimates… I sent another email asking if anyone was actually reading my emails and working on this problem- because I was not hearing ANY RESPONSE from them to let me know they were even getting all the stuff they requested... I received a phone message later that morning… as it turns out the original "processor/agent" was not in the office... but no worries she has been passing all the information off to others to take care of it. Later that night someone new called me… This is how it went

He stated he could not open everything and started to run through some numbers arguing with all kinds of numbers the (Walmart required ASE Certified Facility/Collision Repair Shop) was quoting and came up with a figure much less than what this ASE Certified Repair Shop quoted... He told me he did not understand how my front truck tire could not fall of and just go to the ground. He said there was no way the back tire could have run over the front tire (under the truck by then) and have hit my undercarriage behind my back tire and done any damage. I told him there is no other explanation for my back-rear panel and bumper being pushed up dislodging my rear light. I had sent pictures from the original scene after I recovered the front tire which sows tire tracks over one corner of the tire when it was (I can only conjecture) pinched up behind the rear tire and hit the undercarriage/fender panel. I explained in an earlier email that there were no witnesses to help explain everything that happened at the time and I was kind of busy with my hands full trying to stop and not crash into another car or building. It was an unexpected and exciting few minutes. During the call it became evident his job was to close out this claim with the least money using whatever reasons he could muster.Remember - he said he could not open all the stuff (estimates) that had been sent to him… but then then he began to argue (with me) about what repairs and hours they were charging in certain areas. I told him I have no insight into how that works and the "insurance adjuster" threatened me because he thought it was not correct, “because he has a book too and his numbers do not agree” ... 1.7 hours vs 3.4 hours for something, remove vs. replace and other stuff which I really do not know about and do not control. The fact that new lug nuts were charged to me at 4 per pack when they only originally replaced 6 to get me back on the road the day of the incident – again all I could tell them is for him to call the facility and ask them why – I have no control over any of that. I told him if he has a problem with them - call them. I have nothing to do with it. He threatened me again about what hours were estimated to replace the rest of the lug nuts on the truck (separate estimate as requested by Walmart) and I would have to have them (studs?) removed and inspected in order to have them cover replacing them... I guess I was supposed to have them X-Rayed or something to make him happy... I simply said - no problem, just send me a certification that he and Walmart guarantees/warrantees the rest of the lug nuts were not over tightened (even though another lug nut is also missing from another wheel where the stud is broken off) and I will be happy. He declined and said all h would pay for was… blah blah blah because his book says so. STUPID CONVERSATION. He continued to argue with the original repair and other estimates I had sent to them... which he originally said he could not open!!!! I told him to do whatever he has to do and send me the explanation of what they are paying for and not. He reviewed a bunch of numbers... did some math on the fly mumbling numbers and obviously using an adding machine or something and gave me a number he was "willing" to send. He had a check sent to me with NO EXPLANATION OF WHAT THEY COVERED AND WHAT THEY DID NOT AND AT WHAT RATE/HOURS...ETC... I was told take it or leave it or send a letter to Wal-Mart Corporate to complain. I honestly think they dragged this out to make it as painful and difficult for me as possible just to cheat me in the end. I intend to tell this story everywhere I can on the internet and to "corporate" for the rest of my life until they do right by me and at the very least, apologize for the incredible scare and trouble of standing me in the middle of the desert in CA with no transportation, delaying my trip by a day, and dragging this out to over a month with insufficient documentation and explanation of what they think they should pay and not... but somehow calling it a resolution to which I can only ... "take it or leave it." As a final payment to close out the clam.


This is yet to be resolved to my satisfaction and I will not accept this check because it is not the fair and equitable treatment for my losses you would expect from a customer-oriented company.

Product or Service Mentioned: Tires.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $6800.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: Cmi responsiveness, Cmi claims treatment and resolution, Poor customer service dept, No one ever knows where anything is, Customer service and associations with 3rd party company.

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Just had the same happen.Has this been resolved yet?


Do NOT cash or deposit the check. Just hold onto it.

You need to get a free consult with an attorney, and not deal with Walmart---let your attorney do it.

Attempting to negotiate with Walmart is a fool's errand. Get an attorney to represent you in this now!

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