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Friend had tire trouble in CO. Helped her find nearest Wal-Mart to purchase 2 rear tires.

They refused to sale less than 4 tires because she had an AWD suv. Tires on front were 5 months old. They stated that it was Wal-Mart policy; then state policy. So they send a woman over a 1000 miles from home into the night on a temporary tire.

So the real policy is "we don't give a ***". Apparently no common sense or common courtesy is the real policy. So if you only sale 4 tires and the other 2 are almost new; which Wal-Mart employee gets to keep the almost new tires.

Guys, you did not invent predatory actions on non-locals. You need to remember that customers are people...............

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: review your take on this situation.

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AWD drive can be damaged if the tire tread varies more than a specified amount. As an owner, you should be perfectly aware of that.

Your manual will likely recommend you replace all 4 tires at the same time, and perform a proper rotation schedule. This is the cost of owning an AWD vehicle.

You would also likely be the first to file a claim if it was your AWD that was damaged because "Walmart should have known better". Well, they do, and they only place tires on a car in strict accordance with the manufactures recommendations for that vehicle. Your temp spare is rated for 50 miles, using that for such a short period of time won't cause meaningful damage, but running 40-90K miles on mis-matched tires surely will.

You may not know this, you may not agree with it, and you may not like it.

But Walmart is, by most standards, held accountable as the professional. They are required to know better, and are expected to decline any service that would put your or your property at risk by any action taken by them.

You might be pissed off, but they did you a favour.