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I'm living in CT, Recently I have purchased and installed 4 tires at Walmart (4/16/16). I felt severe noise and vibration after the installation when I was driving on a highway. so I stopped by a local repair shop to check the alignment, The mechanic told me that I need rebalancing for my tires.

I stopped by the walmart again, and asked the tire department manager for rebalancing. After 2 hours, one of mechnics came in and asked something to his manager, and then the manager drove my car. so I came out to check what happened to my car. I heard severe crunking noise from my car. The manager told me "I don't know where the noise is from", and said "I can not go any further, and you have to go to a local repair shop". So I took my car to nearest repair shop, and the mechanics at there found that some loosen stud bolts were touching the rear brake hardwares. that caused the noise. Finally the repair shop charged $100, and I paid that money. Next day, I went ahead to the Walmart to complain this situation. However, the department manager told me "I can give you $50 gift card for the compensation". I said "no" and "I want to pay off the money from my credit card". Suddenly the manager changed his attitude and said "you can go to a manager in this store and complain this to him". So I complaint it to an assistant manager at the walmart. He was so rude and told me that this is not their faults.

After all, I called to submitted the complaint to Walmart.

I have a mechanic statement proving that the noise was caused by their mistakes.

I wasted whole day for this, and hope to get the money back.

Thanks for your reading.

Product or Service Mentioned: Goodyear Wrangler Radial Tires.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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I don't care how desperate I am and how badly my car is effed up, I will never take my car to Walmart to get it looked at. I've heard too many horror stories and they refuse to accept responsibility. I hope Walmart reimburses you for the repairs!


Probably not worth it to sue WalMart given the cost you paid to get it back to normal. However, I would send a complaint to WalMart corporate with the location, store number, etc.

You now know why it is never, ever a good idea to have WalMart do ANY repairs to your car.

You do know, don't you that the brand name tires you buy at WalMart are made to WalMart's specs---which are different(cheaper)than the brand name ones you buy at, say a Goodrich store, etc? What you described is typical Walmart FUBAR.