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Today is the last time a Walmart employee is going to stop me to check my receipt to make sure I didn't steal something. I didn't even make it to the door and she stopped me.

I asked why and she said it was because I had unbagged items in the cart. So who bags a 24 count package of bottled water? When I pointed that out, she stood there and took so long checking my receipt I thought she was trying to memorize it. Just then someone else was walking to the door with lots of unbagged soda and I brought them to her attention and got a smart-a** remark from her before she walked over to them.

This has happened before and I tried to shrug it off (they're just doing their job, blah, blah, blah) but I've had it. It's not worth the stress or aggravation.

Kroger and Meijers are now the recipients of my thousands of dollars of shopping money every year. Sorry, Walmart, you lose.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Customer Care.

Reason of review: treating customers like criminals before leaving store.

Preferred solution: Just stop treating customers like we are all a bunch of thieves..

Walmart Cons: Being treated with no respect.

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Went to WalMart this morning for some groceries. Used the self check out.

On my way out was stopped by an employee with a scanner. He asked for my receipt gave it to him and he scanned it and then scanned a couple items(24 pack of toilet paper and 12 pack soda in my cart). Was very irritated and said " I do your job and I am treated like a *** criminal.

You *** Going to avoid Walmart as much as possible now. Would rather pay a little more money not to be treated like a crook.


Cedar Park Walmart I do not like being treated like a criminal before I leave the store check my receipt I will go to your competitors and do my shopping there


I haven’t been to Walmart in almost a year because of how they treat their customers went in and noticed they had facial recognition cameras. Never going back


I am so tired of being treated like a shoplifter at Walmart I wrote this email (below) to their headquarters complaint dept... Did not get a response back...

Want to see my surprise face? I have a complaint about Walmart 2626 located in Live Oak Florida: https://corporate.walmart.com/store-corporate-feedback Management at this store started a policy a couple of months ago to regard EVERY shopper that leaves Walmart 2626 with a cart of items, as a shoplifter. I like shopping at Walmart but this new policy is insulting and resembles an airport where, if you wish to board a plane you must go through all kinds of indignities. We the public have accepted this kind of humiliation because it's a matter of life and death.

But, give me a break, a retail store, stopping you at the exit by yellow jacketed employees, who search your cart because they believe you might be walking out with an unpaid gallon of water or a six pack of beer, is beyond outrageous, to put it mildly. The first time I encountered this humiliation the yellow jacket dove into my cart that was filled above capacity, I questioned, “What are you doing, did an alarm go off?” She said something to the extent of; we’re told to do this now and kept digging down to the bottom of my cart. The last time upon leaving this store, there were four carts and customers waiting in line to be searched ahead of me, by two yellow jackets. My husband picked up our few bags and carried them by hand, muttering, "This is pathetic" the yellow jacket heard him and gave a snide remark that seemed to resemble MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS...

What was she talking about, if I shop at your store and get mistreated THAT IS MY BUSINESS!

Anyway, needless to say, I will not be shopping at Walmart 2626 any longer (I’ll still shop online but will not set foot in this outlet) it’s an inconvenience since Publix is across town but thank goodness, will soon be opening a store down the road from Walmart 2626, I can't wait. Yours, truly, A thoroughly disgusted ex-Walmart customer,


I am never stepping foot again in Walmart, I refuse to be treated like a criminal


What I do when I leave Wal-Mart is get out my phone and have it record as I walk out. Any one who stops me will be famous on youtube.

They do not stop me at all anymore. You have property rights use them or lose them.


Winn Dixie now has my grocery dollars too!


I got stopped by a Walmart employed because I had a 36 count of bottled of water. Obviously, it was not bagged and the worker said that was why she stopped me.

While the she was checking my receipt for this under $5 worth of water, 2 people with 2 carts full of non-bagged electronics walked right past us and out the door. I pointed this out to the employee and she shrugged her shoulders and walked away.


I walk right by the 85 year old receipt checkers at wal mart and they flip their lids because they weren't told that people would disobey their "authority." Today, I walked by without acknowledging the senior woman because there was a line forming at the exit door and I have better things to do than wait in a second line after I clearly walked through the checkout, the cashier bagged my items, I paid, and I left. Being at hellmart is already miserable enough in my small town.


SIR! STOP!" (she gets her supervisor to shout at me next, and the sheep-like customer that's currently having its receipt examined also joins in and yells at me to stop or else)


Me: (turn around and look at them, bags in cart, receipt in hand) "What's the problem?!"

Male supervisor looks at me dumbfounded and says nothing. Probably recognizing that I've been shopping there for longer than he's been employed there.

Me: "I just walked through the checkout line, go look at the video cameras." (I walked to my car and they didn't do anything) I'm tired of this crap from walmart and they can go to ***.

I'll take my business elsewhere and not get harassed every time I buy something!

Why can't I shop in peace without being assumed I am a thief? Not to mention, I've been frequenting this wal mart for over 4 years and they still think I'm stealing stuff, but I'm going to try my best to make today my last visit there or any wal mart.


I AGREE, I did the same thing, but Target, and HEB gets my money now.



Not really sure why anyone would be offended by that. All they did was ask for a receipt, which you get for a reason. If you don't know what profit sharing means, maybe you shouldn't shop anywhere...


No one should have to “get used to” being treated like a criminal when shopping at and exiting Walmart.


Walmart no longer offers profit sharing. instead they now match up to 6% of what the employee puts in their 401k every paycheck. walmart also no longer offers holiday pay.


I don't get offended by them checking the known bagged items. I get it, people steal especially by the Walmart I live by.

They have locked up everything so I kind of understand. The issue I have is the self check out employees standing over shoulder and watching me like a hawk. You have cameras there is no need to make a customer feel that uncomfortable.

I could be checking out my items and the associate will stand right beside me or behind me and there are other people they could keep their eyes on. I'm so ready to talk to manager.


Walmart in my area started doing this a couple of years ago but seems to have stopped it. If Walmart is doing this nonsense as you say, then just shop at Kroger, Meijer, etc.

Doing so is a much better shopping experience anyway and they don't treat you like a thief.

Really, by using the weekly ads Kroger and Meijer have and looking at their weekly sales, you can do better than the normal prices found at Walmart. Plus, you don't have to put up with rude, unkempt and surly employees as at Walmart.