I usually shop at the store myself. When you shop the online shopping people are always blocking the aisles.

They won't move out of a customer's way. I have watched them dig through the milk and bread all the way to the back obviously looking for the best dated product for their online shoppers. I have also watched them leave their cart in the aisle and go into the backroom only to come out with produce that was already out on the shelf. I can only assume that this too is to find the freshest product for their online customers.

My problem is why do they not care about their in store customers anymore?

They are all the time taking out registers and putting in more self checkouts and generally treating their in store shoppers with less respect. If they are always taking the freshest stuff for the online orders, what is left for the in store shoppers? Am I worth so little to them that I am left to take the left overs?

Everyone should be equal, online shoppers and in store shoppers. They could go a long way to staying out of our way if they would just pick up the first one on the shelf and move on instead of spending extra time in the way digging through the shelf.

Just feel that in store shoppers deserve more respect.

Location: Carl Junction, Missouri

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I used to just grab the first item on the shelf, until I bought some way past the expiration date sour cream from Price Chopper. It was months past the expiration date.

I didn't take it back to the store, I just threw it away. But ever since then, I am one of those freaky people who reach all the way in the back to get the freshest product.

But you gotta watch out because sometimes they just put the new stuff up front and when you dig all the way in the back you will find lunchmeat that has been back there for ages. Neither fit for consumption by man nor beast.


I hate when a high end retailer behaves this way. Loser!

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