Pauls Valley, Oklahoma

Three weeks ago we went to get new tires they said they didn't have them but would order them and gave us an appointment to put them on. When the day came they had not ordered but said they would and gave us another appointment to get them on we well when that day came they had not ordered them again and were very rude about it.

We had to put off our vacation because of this twice. Does Walmart even care about it's name any more and is suppose to care for the people.

Doesn't look like it to me. I hope all Walmart stores are not like the one in Pauls Valley, Oklahoma.

Monetary Loss: $499.

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In fact, stop buying anything from Walmart. Walmart is a rip-off.


I had the same problem. I needed two tires but they only had one of the tires I was looking for.

I asked them to order the other one, they agreed to order it that day and should get it within the week is what I was told. I waited a week and asked them if my tire had come in. I was told it hadn't been ordered yet because they were so busy and just didn't have time. As angry as I was, I asked them again to order the tire and again I was told they would order it that day and it will be in within a week.

Once again I waited a week and asked about my tire. Well, I was told that it still hasn't been ordered!

I work at walmart and felt that my business is not needed or appreciated there. So needless to say, I may work there but I will do my shopping elsewhere!


Buying tires from WalMart is not a good idea. In addition to the rude, inept service you usually get, the tires they sell under major brand names are not the same as you get at a good tire store like Goodyear, etc.

Apparently, the manufacturers make and sell lower-priced and lower quality tires to WalMart. That's why WalMart can sell name brand tires for less than a good tire store.

Your best bet, based on my decades of experience, is to always go to a place like Goodyear, Firestone, etc. for tires. Just tires, mind you.

Do not go to these places for brakes, etc. And, stay away from Sears!


Possibly you may try a different source for tires and auto repair. :cry