You guys shot yourselves in the foot with your national mandate. I am 82 and will not be shopping in your stores or Sams club while youre mask mandate is in effect.

Here in the Lake of the Ozarks counties we have very few cases and yet you control freaks harass us was with this mask nonsense. Lying Fauci told us in arch they dont work but now they do, BS lockdowns dont work either.

Really discussed with your mandate. Will be doing our shopping a Sav a lot

Location: New Bloomfield, Missouri

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It is insane for someone as undeniably ancient of you to not wear a mask. Maybe you dont appreciate life so keep your saggy wrinkled self at home.

It sounds harsh but a mask could probably make someone as old as you more attractive. The mask mandate was put in motion to protect people like you and you couldnt be more ungrateful. You have made it to 82 and not grateful to be alive. I am in my early 30s and I take this pandemic more serious than you.

I have an excellent immune system and don't get sick but I know that I need to protect others. If am mature enough to do what I am supposed to, and you should ashamed of yourself for not doing your part. My father is 2 decades younger than you and has lung disease, and if you came near him and werent wearing a mask, I would point you to near the nearest exit. It makes me sick that I have to worry about losing my dad because of selfish people like you.

It also makes me sick that someone as ungrateful as you has lived to be 82. Just because you arent grateful to be alive, doesnt mean you have the right to put others at risk.


Maybe you should go out and buy some masks. Several other national retailers including Target also announced they will be requiring masks.

Be fore long you will have a hard time finding a store that doesn't require them. Guess you can do all your shopping on-line.


You dont have to ask. In fact you deserve no response from the company.

You are on private property and they can enforce their store policy.

I must ask, if you were on a plane and the oxygen masks dropped down, would you put it on? Or God forbid there was a hazardous waste accident near you, would you wear a gas mask that local authorities passed out?

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