Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

I shop at my local Walmart almost nightly to get my cigars. Almost everytime time that I am in there, there is another customer (who

doesn't need tobacco) holding up the tobacco line with a huge order. Sometimes it can be a 15 minute wait. I am told every time that

it is the only line that you can buy tobacco. I will go elsewhere, but this is the only place in town that sells the cigars I want. I

think Walmart should have an express line, in addition to, a normal line for tobacco purchases. That would relieve some tension.

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I met the guy's daughter that created the patch. I


I think the tobacco companies need arrested for killing others and maybe put wal mart in there as an accessory to the crime.


Call 1-800-WALMART and PLEASE TELL them. I am a cashier in WA state.

we ONLY sell smokes at reg. 23 and 24 both express.

i think they should allow the 2 registers closest to the smoke counter to also sell as this would speed things along. I know of many cashiers who have made suggestions to this affect and have been told to mind our business and not to speak of things we dont know about.


I agree with the OP. I went to Walmart about a week ago to purchase my cigs.

When I got to the register there was already two big orders at the register. When I asked if I could get my cigs at another register, I was told no.


Instead of going to walmart nightly, why dont u just go once or twice a week and buy more than a days worth of cigars? That would save u time and u can stop ***.