I was at walmart today minding my own business and buying some ***. when these loss prevention guys started following me around.

They followed me through womens lingerie and through the electronics before i finally lost them in the fishing aisle. after i safely fastened the frozen meat i had procured to my inner thigh i made way to the register to pay for my slightly used duct tape, and bbq sauce. After using my walmart gift card to pay for these items, i was accosted in the parking lot by a strong black gentleman. He scared me and i pissed all over myself,( ruined the meat).

i'm not writing this because they had me arrested for shoptlifting but because they had the scary black man, subdue me. i feel that they could have used someone a little tamer looking. anyway in the struggle, he blacked my eye and broke my PURCHASED bottle of bbq sauce which i have as of now not been reimbursed for. i called the manager today and he hungup on me.

not the best customer service i have seen.

in closing in order to resolve this issue all i require is 3.99 for my bbq sauce plus tax. thank you

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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How bad did it hurt when you tried to remove the duct tape from your thigh? Was it Hello Kitty duct tape?

What kind of meat was it? A summer sausage? Maybe they just wanted to get to know you better.

Actually *** is a good marinade. Ask Hannibal Lechter.


Been there, done that. What I did was this.

I noticed them watching me so I started walking real fast all over the store. Then I stopped at the tv's and watched for a couple of minutes. Then I went to the restroom, went in, stinked it up real good, and when they walked in, laughed and walked out. Then off to the little boys dept where I grabbed a pack of socks, went around the corner to the next aisle, and dropped them.

Gee, where did the socks go? Then to Macdonalds for some fries which I ate while checking out the dvd's. Grease makes a mess on dvd's. Then I left the store through the front door and returned through the garden dept where I stopped to smell the roses and ask someone where the cannibas plants were.

All this time someone was probably stealing stuff while these guys were watching me. Then I left and went to Target to do my shopping. By the way.

Saying a scary black man followed you makes you a rascist pig and I despise you for that. Good luck with that.


He didn't say anything racist. He said he was subdued and followed by a scary black man, not that the man was scary because he was black.

Black men can be scary, as can white men and Asian men and Indian men, especially when they are following you, but this time or just happened to be a black man.

Starting that fact does not make him racist. If you're going to despise him for anything it should be for the theft.


That's my point exactly. He should have said scary man.

That's the problem with the world today. Why bring color into anything. We're all equal until someone says race or color. You ever here from Jessie Jackson when a white guy gets killed by a black cop?

Of course not. That is either racism or discrimination. If you think my comments are wrong, love to here from you. By the way, I didn't believe his story so I didn't think about the theft part.

That's why I posted the story about the Macdonalds fries and dvd's.

Just a little humor. Take care


The problem is if someone said the man was white no one would have an issue, but once someone mentions the man is black it becomes a race issue. Blacks will make a race issue of the silliest things.


You must be black to say this. If they said white man there would be no issue.

But saying someone is black when they are black is not racist. It is like calling a dog a dog.


let me guess, kevin. you are a gayy, black, 3 year old dog. am i close?