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I took my four year old niece shopping.

I saw a man take something and slip it in his pocket. Apparently there was a code Adam in the store at the time. I went to tell one of the assiciates to call security because of what I saw. She lied and pretended to care, however she told me that there was a code adam in the store.(Some black momma was probably not watching her child) and security cannot do anything about it until they find the child because finding a lost child comes first. I told her she was ridiculous and demanded to speak to the manager. She went looking for the child(when security was already doing so another lie) and I could not get a manager until that lost child was found. Security's job is to look out for shoplifters, not to find children whose parents are to neglient to take care of. If a parent loses her child she deserves whatever happens to that child. I bet the parent that "lost" the child, was probably black, hispanic or Indian who knows about the ridiculous policy of finding a child first and pretended they lost their child so they can steal.

My niece was being a pest. She was asking why I was mean to the girl. I told her to go look at the toy department because she was being a pest and I wanted to shop in peace. About 25 minutes later I got a call to come to the front to pick up my niece. I thought she was being bad and was about to slap her. However it turned out that one of the employees was undermining my parenting and took her to the front because she thought that she should not have been left alone. You would have thought I was not in the store. They kept paging me for eight minutes.(Yes they kept track of the time.) The manager had the nerve to tell me that seeing her walk around the toy department was making him nervous since they already had a lost child and it was busy.(So I am supposed to pay the price because some black momma could not keep track of her children because she was drugged up) The only reason her child was missing was probably because she was to busy looking out for employees so her husband can steal. The manager also said that if a parent does not respond within 15 minutes they call the police. I told him he was being ridiculous since I am not the parent but the aunt and two adults should have the right to shop peacefully if their children are being abnoxious. He told me she is too young to be left alone. What does he expect me to do, leave her home alone. That is against the law. Not only was he being ridiculous but he was implying that I should break the law and leave a four year old home alone.

I am a registered nurse. I make 90k a year and do not need to be disrespected like this. I had two different idiots to deal with it and should get a $50 for what happened.

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This is the most ridiculous post ever posted here.A code Adam means there is a possibility a child had been kidnapped.

Your lack of concern is revolting, especially for someone who claims to be a nurse. 90k? Don't flatter yourself swetheart. First off, no registered nurse gets that kind of pay.

Second off, the amount of money you make doesn't determine how much respect you should receive.

You see like a racist, hateful person and deserve zero respect. You gets absolutely no respect from me for being such an annoyance about merchandise when the life of a child is at stake.

Moving on, your parenting skills also come to question.

You left your 4 year old to travel alone in the store? All because she questioned why you had such a godawful attitude with the employee?

Seems like your 4 year old niece has better perception than you do.You are a poor excuse for a human.


You really want to go there! You talk about the other races and leaving there child,but you so big time you did the Same thing and then have the nerve to complain about how the store treated you,grow up!


Sounds like a code Brown. you po*ped your pants when u got caught shoplifting.

Orange, California, United States #918109

For all you know the man could have put a cell phone in his pocket.


For being registered nurse you are ignorant and hope you never take care of me. your no better than the lost child's mother.


I hope this "lady" is troll--if not then God help her.To say that a mother deserves whatever happens to her child is beyond appalling--so you are basically saying that if someone grabbed your niece and God forbid raped and murdered her then you would deserve it?

You ARE a terrible caretaker--you don't let a four year old wander around the toy department by herself.

While you talk about drugs that these "black mothers" are taking, what drugs are YOU ON that make you think a little girl walking in the toy department while you are in another part of the store is acceptable?What in the world is this world coming to--you should be ashamed and perhaps need YOUR *** tore up by a belt.


If you make all that money per year and hate shopping at Walmart (because everyone there has more common sense than you) why on earth would you want a $50 giftcard? Hopefully your not a nurse in New Jersey!!!


Troll much?


She sounds like White Trash to me!


I think I know her, I think its my X-wife- I see she has not changed-

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