Hamilton, Ohio
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when i was walking into walmart on main street hamilton ohio. before going to work that night across the street to the place that i work at..

I was carring a bag into the store this bag was a cvs bag with a hddvd movie in the bag witch i brought with me the old guy setting at the door seen me come in with the bag and nothing went off when i entered the store. the night was going good so far the i went to mcdondls to eat the night was still good.then i go to the shoe deprment to buy a pair of new shoes. i went though the u scan to pay for the pair of shoes whitch i brought. then i put them on inside the store and thorw the old ones away.

and when i was getting to ready to leave the store. the alarm went off and the old guy stopped me and looked in my bag the shoes where on the recipt. but the movie that i brought in with the bag wasnt. and he told me that he knows good well and good that i didnt buy the movie.

i told him that he seen me bring the bag with the movie in with me and i didnt have nothing on me. then he went on for about another 2 to 3 mintunes. and i ask him that was he was tring to say that i stoled and he said no that he wasn't.

the he pointed to the door in like saying get the *** out of here and never come back. so aviod the wal mart on hamilton west main street.

Monetary Loss: $20.

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