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i purchased a coffee maker($44.97)in may and had to return it in 11 days because it would stopped brewing the coffee. i exchanged my item and the service desk forgot to include my register receipt after i exchanged my item.

i called back to wal-mart on ireland rd in south bend,in. and was told if i had another problem they would take care of me if within 90 days.well, its 6/7/08 and the coffee maker stopped working.i'm back at wal-mart to exchange and i'm told too bad, no receipt and they can't looked up the item without a upc number! i will never shop wal-mart again no matter how cheap! they no longer take care of the member but they do not take care of their associates.

i will shop at kohl's from now on!! at least they will exchange without using the tale of "i need a upc code!!

what happened to good customer service lee scott(ceo)............

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Ylivieska, Oulu, Finland #20586

of coarse they should return the item if they carry it! that was there mistake for not giving you the reciept

Anchorage, Alaska, United States #17883

Well, it makes sense that they wouldn't let you just bring in an item with no proof of what it is or when you got it and just give you money or a replacement.

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