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I went to purchase a 2 cubic foot bag of garden soil and it was too heavy for me to put in the cart so I went and asked the garden center cashier for assistance. She called inside and after waiting, I decided to do my grocery shopping and asked again for assistance.

Eventually the manager on duty said I could pay for it now but would have to wait 30 minutes for help!!

What a bunch of lazy *** employees!!! Walmart literally denied money because they were too {{Redacted}} lazy.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Your are shopping in a self service store. Go to a full service garden store or nursery.

Of course you will pay more but someone has to pay for the extra employees to load your product. The next question is how are you going to get it out of your cart and into your vehicle and then how will you get it out of your vehicle when you get home?


How about sympathy for the employees? Not being lazy when they are on their government mandated break.

You know the lunch break YOU wouldn’t miss. Just because you arrive on their break doesn’t make them lazy. Yes one could argue that ANYONE could have lifted the bags including you. So while you sit there and brand them as lazy you ALSO level 3 fingers back at yourself for being even lazier then those you accuse.

At no point did you STOP AND THINK “oh they must be on lunch”. No you IMMEDIATELY jump to they must be lazy. Get over yourself princess. YOU are the lazy one.

There is NO EXCUSE you can use that exempts YOU from putting them in your vehicle yourself. You can’t pull the I’m disabled because you would still have to remove them from your vehicle when you got home and move them again to use them!! It really sounds like your fishing for a gift card because YOU had to move YOUR purchase to YOUR vehicle.

Maybe remember what WORKING is like. If they have to put up with people like YOU then they DESERVE A BREAK!!


Maybe they were busy. It happens.

to Anonymous #1481861

"Maybe they were busy. It happens," said a Wal-Mart employee.

The name of this site, pissedconsumer, indicates a site for.....

PISSED CONSUMERS. Post your sympathy on a sympathy for business site.

to FatherlyParakeet #1482300

So you don't want a resolution? Typically, when one is pissed, they want an explanation.

You just got one. You may not like it, but there it is. What good does it do to be eternally pissed off?

That causes ulcers. Soon you'll be complaining about the price of Tums.

to FatherlyParakeet #1482449

And How do You Know that Anonymous is a Walmart employee?

to Anonymous #1482452

Because I'm sure he thinks that everyone believes it's perfectly okay to treat retail workers like crap. It's a syndrome.

to FatherlyParakeet #1491083

Yes but Wal-Mart employees are truly lazy. I have never seen one actually work or go above and beyond.

to Anonymous #1494224

Complete trash is what they are

to Anonymous #1494279

And where do YOU work, Anon?

to Anonymous #1500185

Oh we work, but due to what is demanded of us, customers are avoided in order for us not get fired. We are on time limits at my store, and we have been fired by time limits.

Anything that threatens to keep us from getting done in the time limit is to be avoided. We need our jobs to pay the bills.

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