Chicago, Illinois

To all who sees this message never do an online order and then try to call on the phone to see if it has arrived, I placed an online order on or about the 6th of feb. I called the store where my order is to arrive which is the store on 2500 W. 95th in evergreen #5485 I have never experienced anything in my life when it takes 30 minutes or more for someone to answer the phone it is too many employees there for some not to pick up a phone, from my experience of what I have seen when I even walk in that store all the employees do is stand around a talk, about what is beyond me because I feel when someone walk in a store they should at least ask if that person needs help at finding what they are looking for I really like shopping at walmart but this store needs to do an re-evaluated on the employees there 30 minutes is to long to wait for on the phone for someone to answer.


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I agree, retail employees are not mind readers you should ask approach them if you need help.


Why would you order something online that you are only going to pick up at the store anyway? That makes no sense to me.

Are people that lazy they can't get in their car and shop? If it isn't available in the store, then ship it to your house maybe?


Why would you even want to wait 30 minutes unless you are looking for a conversation on how to get laid or wanting to have phone sex. Seriously they are a business not a Dear Abby thing or sex hotline.

Go have your sexual phone conversations elsewhere and let the employees do their job. They want to go home and get laid to and not have to spend time talking to you.


The only thing worse than Wal-Mart employees are the *** hole customers who decide that their *** doesn't stink and cry every chance they get.


Don't Be Lazy..... Drive to the store and check!!!

You act as if Walmart is known for world class service. Its known for employees who if not for Walmart would be working in a circus or at a carnival and for people like you who are no better than the employees and end up on youtube videos for people like me to laugh at based on how inbred you are.


You must be very lonely if you would wait 30 minutes for someone to answer the phone. Must really need to talk to someone that bad.


If you need help you should ask for help. Retail employees have been attacked for asking people if they need help as well so it is a guessing game. You need to grow up and learn patience.