Cambridge Springs, Pennsylvania

It's another horror story from a Wal-Mart in Naples, Florida. Without a doubt the help that Wal-Mart hires is overwhelmingly Hispanic.

It is because of their work ethic that Wal-Marts suffer horrible customer service. Hispanics treat whites as second class citizens. They simply do as they are told and do not use any initiative to excel in their jobs. Hispanics bring in their cousins, friends, relatives to a point where it's one giant Hispanic click in any given store.

If there is a white manager, you will never see them on the floor; they hide in the back.

There needs to be a massive restructuring of every Wal-Mart store so that there's an even mix of whites and other nationalities. As long as Hispanic workers account for their work force, Wal-Mart will continue to lose business as it's one lousy place to shop.

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I't "no se" NOT "no say". p.s. - I'm white.


By the time you finished your reply to this post we would have multiplied 7 fold. Muahahahahaah!!!!

As we continue to get into the positions of authority we will dilate Americas boarders. That what happens when you give a country a good F%#@'n.

Jedi Knight Ethen

I don't know how many of them know how to count, but I am sure they know how to spell "know" haha


Too many of em now to count


Yep, just like cockroaches now, they're everywhere! Then ya ask em something, and all they do is look at you and say "Uhhh, NO SAY"! Next time I hear that response, my boot is gonna do some "no sayyyin" up their ***!


Just yell out Immigration and watch those illegal immigrants leave the story fast. In Canada we have the exact same problem with Chinese illegal immigrants.


If you want all the mexicans to leave the walmart while your shopping. Just yell out. "it's lunch time" and they will scatter like roaches


Racist much? you are on the wrong site for that.

I was raised by some one hispanic! While my rl mother was busy doing the end of a needle job and to lazy too straighten her own life out to care for us kids! And you wanna be like that?

To bad she didnt adopt me in real life cause i was better raised by my mexican mommy then my white mommy! Gee your a redundant fool...By the way im greek in rl I was taught more then my own mother could have Since she was to busy getting *** with the needle.


Wow. Rac-ist, at all?


it just sounds like that one Walmart.

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