Flint, Michigan

Although I disagree with their employee policies, I still shop there all the time. We had two years of abject poverty after the stock market crashed, and had very little money to spend on food, but thanks to Walmart's pricing we survived until things improved a little.

So I feel I owe them. I think they buy waaaaayyy too much stuff from China, however...especially pet foods and treats...that's my only complaint. I wish they were better labeled, because I really have to search for a statement of place of origin, since I don't buy ANYTHING made in China anymore for my pets...or myself, actually. But I get a lot of casual clothing from WalMart and it holds up fine, while expensive women's pants from Macy's had GLUE on the seam!

They were glued together! Of course they were probably also made in China, but were a whole lot more expensive than the Walmart pants with no glue. :-) Other than that, WalMart is fine for the things we use every day from nail polish to socks.

They have excellent return policies....Whenever I buy a car phone charger there, and it goes bad..(which is pretty quick) for example, I just bring in the bad one and they give me a new one, which will also break quickly, then I take that one back and they give me a new one...no receipt required as long as I exchange it for the same one. I do believe, however, if they didnt get them from China, they would last a whole lot longer, and they wouldnt have to exchange so often.

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