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Yes Walmart in leduc is the worst walmart i have ever shopped in.after waiting 20 mins for a xbox tape

with my cart .One aisle away. a store staff ,took my cart

and told me i should not have left it there and keep taking it away and would not give it back.The next morning after waiting for a necklace for 30 minutes.my cart10 feet again ,staff took my cart away.the next day i was shopping for the food bank my cart 2 feet from me,when another staff member started going through my cart. like please give me a chance to do my shopping,after having spine surgery i find it hard to push my cart around.then to top it off I asked for boxes for all the heavy cans i was buying.I was told by clerk that she have no idea where to find boxes.by the time i loaded the car I was picking up cans all over the parking lot.

What ever happened to customer service.I guess thats the price one pays for cheaper products


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Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #48342

Obviously from the way you wrote you are a little kid. I think they are pushing you around because you are a little kid.

Next time threaten to tell your parents and they will return the cart to you.

If they think or know that you are shopping with your parents than they won't mess with you. Adults generally think it is okay to push around nine year old kids and it is NOT okay.

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