Miami, Florida

A couple of days ago, my wife and I headed to our local Walmart to buy some groceries. It was late in the morning, but there was

barely anybody in the store. While we were checking out, my wife decided to wait for me outside. Before she left, she told me to make

sure to get some money back. At the end of the transaction, I hit the button to get back $60. The cashier D.J. then tells me she

doesn't have enough to give me my money and would have to get a loan. I told D.J. if she didn't have enough money in her draw, she

should have closed her register. D.J. tries to tell me that the customer before me took the rest of her money, and I was already in

line. I told her that was no excuse and to go get my money. She gets one of the managers to get my money. The manager was a 20

something year old, pregnant woman named Kelsey. Kelsey had no business being a manager with how slow she is. I couldn't take it

anymore waiting for this whale to get to the office for my money. I marched over to the customer service worker Gail and demanded my

money. Meanwhile Kelsey is trying to get into this small office. She almost couldn't get the heavy looking door opened. The more I

watched, the more outraged I became. Then to top it off, there was another CSM, Mary, who had open the door and already had my money.

Where was she at this whole time? The worst part was Mary laughed about the situation. I yelled for them to stop fooling around and

give me my money already. As soon as I got my money, I returned all the items I had just purchased, vowing never to return. D.J.

should learn to manage her money better, Kelsey should be demoted to people greeter if she wants to work so badly and be pregnant, and

Mary should be automatically fired. Actually, all of these workers should be fired on the spot.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

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first of all when a customer in the line in front of you gets a lot of money back it is expected that her drawer would be short. there for a loan is required to replenish what that customer took and to also cover your cash back .

As for the pregnant CSM if you have ever been pregnant you would know your feet swell and your back hurts and I give her props for a position such as hers requires a lot of foot work and there was no telling how long she had been on shift .... you sir are an inconsiderate *** .... and obviously she radioed ahead to the other csm to get you your money cause she wouldn't have met her at that door other wise and you have to sighn a lot of paper work to pull any kind of loan it would be very *** for walmart not to keep track of what money is going where .... so if ya didn't like the wait ....

don't get cash back and go to a bank you egotisticle self absorbed *** who needs a lil come to jesus with a good *** whipping .... :x :( :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin


I worked in retail for years until I finished obtaining my college degree. I enjoyed retail, I never had a problem with customers and in fact many customers called my manager to compliment me.

Not all customers call to complain about employees they also take the time to give them kudos if they are deserving. I received recognition at employee meetings and promotions and I was never refused a raise when requested.

My wonderful experience in retail is a direct reflection of my positive friendly character. Sometimes I miss retail it was so much easier than my current job, though I make significantly more money the productivity level I maintain can be stressful at times.


Everyone should work retail for 6 months in their life. Dealing with the public is not fun.

Yea, in this age of debit cards and charge cards, a cashier can and will out of money when presented with a large withdrawal. It may be easier to use the store as your bank, but it is an inconvenience to the store and other customers


I love when people seem to think they are making themselves look good by degrading other people when in fact they make themselves look like major *** You returned everything you bought too??? Wow!

You really showed them!

Walmart will for sure go in the hole now! :grin :grin :grin


As a WM Employee, I've been informed that my pay has been docked, hours have been cut, and I am now the person that stands in the parking lot dancing in a salmon suit all because of this complaint right here, he sure showed WM. But I have an entitlement attitude, I am a WM customer, I should be greeted as royalty. Why did they not lay out the red carpet? Why did they have a pregnant woman with a job? WHAT TYPE OF CORPORATION IS THIS? ROARRRRR


Honestly, if Kelsey should be demoted for being pregnant, then you should be banned for walmart for being a total ***.

I hope you get hit by a car, I really do. Why? Because you deserve it, might knock some sense into you, or kill you, either way, it'll be a step up from who you are today.



Ahh another lovely *** who has to make himself feel like a big man by downgrading others. Why don't you tell us where you work there bucko? I am sure we would love to go see you.

John N

WalMart is not know for having employees with either common sense or a work ethic. Good review.


Do you like coming off as a R E T A R D E D J A C K *** ?Your not even remotely funny with your post but I do give you credit as M O R O N of the day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8) 8) 8) 8) 8)