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I took my mother in law's van in for a battery at the Tire and Lube Express. The "service scheduler" changed the battery and it wouldn't start (It is my opinion that he left the van in "Drive". The "service scheduler" then checked and tightened the terminals and tried to crank it again to no avail.

He then called over another "Technician" who looked over the connections and started tapping the start relay while the "service scheduler" tried to crank the van again. Failing this, the "Technician" decided to jumper out the start relay with a screwdriver. When he did,the van started going forward. The second "Technician" dove into the van to stop it. It accelerated rapidly as a result of him hitting the gas in lieu of the brakes (This is my opinion). He and van careened through the closed bay door and slammed into a series of heavy duty barrier posts outside.

Might I add that my mother in law is a widower and undergoing chemo treatments for liver cancer and that this was her only car.

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