Markham, Ontario
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Was at store 1109 markham east - served by Indranie who made a mistake by charging me twice for the same item cos she was busy 'hounding' me about getting a Walmart card (which I already have). When I noticed the mistake she told me SORRY M'AM but you need to go to customer service.

I replied" what kind of customer service is this, you make the mistake and now I have to join yet another long line-up to fix YOUR MISTAKE!! I refused to budge and told her to fix it! Then she calls for her aupervisor SHANAZ who says M'AM you can go to customer service and they will do it! I was furious- to add to the misery when I got home and opened up the mushrooms (pre-packaged )

To my utter dismay- it stank!

forget cooking dinner- had to order !!! Thanks to the garbage produce that Walmart proudly wants to poison their customers with!!! On the other hand Longos down the street offer excellent produce apcoupled with wonderful customer service.

We all know Walmart is too big to give a *** so the best thing would be to stop shopping there. Tomorrow I plan to cancel the Walmart credit card- have discussed this with people on my street who said "we don't go there- whata waste of time !"

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Walmart Cons: Producevand some staff, Produce and customer servixe, Nightmare.

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Well you were not watching her carefully, so part of the issue is your fault as well. Learn to accept responsibility for your own actions kiddo.


Strange. They have fixed register mistakes at the stores I've gone too.

Must be a 'per store' policy.

The manager CAN and should fix it at the register.

At that point, I would have told them to stop ringing up, pay for what I had , and leave. Let them


I'm sure the cashier wasn't hounding you about getting a Walmart card as she is not required to do so and you already stated that you had a card. I can tell by your post that you have a really bad attitude.

Sometimes the scanner will catch an item twice and the cashier may miss it. It is not done deliberately and if the transaction has already completed then yes you will have to go to customer service. You refused to budge and told her to fix it? All you did was make yourself look foolish.

She can't fix it just because you make a demand. Then you complain about mushrooms and everything else. I'm quite sure your neighbors are also sick of your whining. Do you really think that not shopping at Walmart or cancelling your card is going to

make some huge impact?

Think again.

I'm sure the employees will be thrilled that you will be taking your whining entitled self someplace else. Good riddance!


I agree, if they don't ask or get enough cards they could lose their job. This person is so selfish that she does not care if someone loses their job.

The cashier is just doing her job. When this child is old enough to get a job hopefully some unsupervised child does not tell her off for doing a job.

Also since when were five year old children allowed credit cards? I guess things are different in Canada.


Once the transaction is completed the Cashier has absolutely no way she can fix it. She does not have the required access authority to the register.

That would be a fact, with, or without, your approval. Yet, there you refused to budge, holding up everyone. Do you know why I try to be as nice as I possibly can at my local Walmart?

Its because I know the poor soul I'm dealing with probably had to deal with dozens of people just like you today. After that kind of suffering, I can forgive them just about anything.


I am totally disgusted with your spelling and grammar. Proper nouns begin with a capital letter.

Also I hope you got your parents permission before going door do door doing a survey on if people got bad customer service at that Walmart, remember even though you see them everyday they are still strangers. If you are going to do this take a parent along with you. Second take a parent along with you when you go shopping, that way they can catch the double scanning before the transaction is finished. You were distracted as well, or you would know that you were double scammed for an item.

Again everyone makes mistakes, even you. Just look at all the spelling and grammar mistakes you have made.


I got some proper grammar and a meat pole hammer for you kevinrichards. This is your former cellmate Tyrone . You gave me herpes.


Kevin, in the first four lines YOU made 6 grammatical mistakes, you tool! 'Parent's permission' not parents permission

door to door is door-to-door

...doing a survey on if people see them everyday they are still strangers awful sentence construction, and improper tense.

'Second take a parent along with you when you go shopping, that way ...'

is 'SecondLY, take a parent ; mark (not comma) ...then 'that way they...'

double scammed is hyphenated as double-scammed. Again everyone..should have been Again, everyone with a comma And the most laughable comment you made was: 'Just look at all the spelling and grammar mistakes you have made." Apart from being hypocritical, it's 'GRAMMATICAL' mistakes, not grammar mistakes.

You're not even a GOOD troll, Kevin. How much do they pay you shill for Walmart, paid trollster?


If the cashier had already completed the transaction before u noticed the mistake then yes she was correct to send u to the service desk because once the transaction has been completed the cashier cannot correct it on a regular cash register which is y she asked u to go to the service desk