Bellevue, Washington
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I buy this belt. It looks OK. The blasted thing lasts only about 2 weeks. It wasn't mistreated in any way -- just normal usage.

It didn't come apart in just one place. It was coming apart in several places. It became useless when the "leather" separated from the hardware.

Now, I only paid I think $10 or so for the blasted thing, but come on. Two blasted weeks is all it lasted. What a total piece of junk.

I don't believe this was a defect with this particular belt. I think that these belts are just made extremely poorly and cheaply.

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The problem is actually the customer's desire to pay the absolute minimum for products. Case in point: You bought a $10 belt and act surprised it's a piece of junk. if there was a $20 belt right next to it, you still would have bought the cheap junk.


Reminds me of a pair of shoes I bought at Meijer. They are Nunn Bush and made in China.

They also started coming apart within two weeks. The very thin layer of leather just started flaking off the backing. The problems we have are the result of very cheap and *** manufacturing combined with Walmart and Meijer's desire to pay the absolute minimum for products.

It used to be you get what you pay for, but no longer. Anything from China is a throwaway and usually very soon after you buy it.