Phoenix, Arizona
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there are no words for how bad things were in walmart in surprise az lastnite. no one , not even mangs.

knew what was going on, or where to go to buy anything..... got a guarantee card and that was an hr, then pay for it in a longline, then go wait in another line to pay for diff. stuff at a diff. cash register.

will never shop there again. chuck ps.

cant even register my card cuz site is down. and now i cant even get out of here unless i *** more.blabla this is stupied have to write atleast 100 word count

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WalMart was total chaos, no one knew where to go for anything advertised, the associates were rude and talked to us like were ***, and the parking was crazy. People were parking on the grass, in the fire lane, at the ends of rows, we had to park 1.5 miles away.

So many people shoving and pushing trying to find the correct line to get a special deal. Total chaos.