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I bought a 2.13lb beef *** roast from my local WalMart in Cerritos, CA. It seemed tender to the touch in the package.

I gently braised it in the way that I've gently roasted *** roasts for years yet it was almost inedible---tough, tasteless and largely inedible.

We ate only a little of it and then threw the rest of it out----$12.27 for the roast thrown out in the trash! NEVER BUY WalMark's beef---even if it looks like it will be good!

Product or Service Mentioned: Roast Beef.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $12.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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It's fun how a customer can't even post a complaint about Walmart without one of these Walmart empolyees jumping down their throats and trying to make them look stupid for not being satisfied. Why can't you Walmart empolyees just let your own customers have their say, after all they did pay their money.


And Exactly How do you Know that a Walmart employee responded to this post?


Yes, I will also wait for a proper explanation. How do you know they work for WalMart?


I agree with you. Wal-Mart employees work hard for their money and on their free time the last thing that they want to do is read about Wal-Mart complaints. Now , one of the corporate big wigs sitting on their ASSumption'S all day, that's another story.


It's funny how idiots who don't like a comment that doesn't support their banal and lame narrative always jump to a version of the loser's lament, "You must work for (insert company)." I'm sure the commenter regrets offering an alternative explanation that doesn't suit your pathetic needs.... BTW, a properly prepared braise that includes well seasoning and browning of event the toughest meat will result is something that's tender and edible. You can not tell how tender the finished product will be by poking and prodding it as if you were choosing a cantaloupe.


I never worked at Walmart. I have worked at a lumber yard where people would return lumber complaining that it warped after they had it sitting on their garage floor sucking up moisture for several months.

The problem was their poor storage, not the lumber.

People always like to look for someone to blame for things that happen naturally. The case of tough beef is no different.


Amen! Thank you for telling it like it is.


Do you realize that a beef roast isn't a manufactured, processed product? It's a natural product that comes from a living animal.

From time to time you just get a tough cut of beef.

It's kind of unreasonable to blame Walmart for the way the cow grew. You said it looked and felt good in the package, how do you expect that they would have known it was a tough cut of meat?