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I recently purchased a non-smart trac phone for my mother, who is a cancer patient on hospice residing in a nursing home. I attempted to buy a easy to use Trac phone thru our local Walmart (Greensburg, Pa Greengate location). I intended to port my mother's existing land line to the Trac phone to save her the trouble of giving out a new phone number in her current condition...she is 84 and has had the same number for at least 50 years. She wants to talk to relatives but doesn't have a phone service at the home. After roughly 5 days I inquired why the phone wasn't yet activated and was told that the account info for the land line was incorrect. I checked the company's bill and took the number off of it, as well as contacted the company to verify it was correct. I provided the info to Trac phone, who insisted it was incorrect. After several days of promising a resolution and activation, I was being told the same story regarding the incorrect account info from FSN (the Land Line provider). I requested a 3 way conference call to get all parties together and the account info was again verified.

Over the next few days, without activation, I again requested a 3 way call and was again assured that the phone would be on within 24 hours. Today, 12 or more days later, I called Trac to see why the phone wasn't working, only to be told that the account info was incorrect.

At this point, I was very frustrated after spending at least 9 calls and nearly two weeks trying to get this phone for my mother to activate. I decided to return the phone and pursue another service. At the Walmart where I purchased the phone, I was told that I could return the phone but the sim card, the $45 unlimited card that I was required to purchase ...the Trac Phone rep insisted to the Walmart employee that the premium card was needed for activation...the less expensive card wouldn't work. This is not a smart phone...just a regular cell phone.

I spoke to the CSM and while everyone agreed that the phone was unused, never activated, and the sim card was only touched by the Walmart employee that sold me the phone...they could not issue me a refund or credit for the sim card. No solution was offered other than possibly contacting Trac Phone to try to get a refund or credit. In a nutshell, I paid extra for a sim card to activate a phone that didn't require the premium sim, but then was not "allowed" to be issued a refund for the never used sim card, despite having all of the receipts, packaging, etc. and patiently waiting nearly two weeks and spending several hours on the phone trying to get this good faith. Kelsey, the CSM, was initially cordial but turned somewhat cooler when I was unwilling to accept no refund for a non used item. I did not return the phone or sim card at this point and I'm deciding on what avenues to pursue to resolve this simple issue. Store policy overrides common sense. I had to pay another month's service for my mother's land line company to keep her number, since it didn't port to Trac Phone...add roughly $45 on top of the $45 for the sim...$90 and still no phone! If not resolved, the media, BBB, and others will share the story. I'm frustrated, upset about my dying mother, and tired of fighting for every penny that someone is trying to take from me. A simple phone issue has cost you a repeat customer. Sad, but true.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Credit Card.

Monetary Loss: $45.

  • Sim Card Refund
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This is not walmarts issue, it is tracphones. You need to contact them.

Walmart cannot return sims or phone cards because people use them and then try to return them. It is in their policy.