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Update by user Aug 30, 2017

It's now Aug. 30, and still no trash can EVEN THOUGH the producer of the trash cans had notified me that they sent cans to Walmart.

In which case, i'd like to ask Walmart why they're still listed as out of stock, preventing me from getting it? Also, why do all the Walmart personnel see a different order number than the one which Walmart had listed on my order confirmation? Their entire operation is extremely antiquated.

And their personnel were never taught the art of listening, rather, they just like to hear themselves talk. As for the outsourced ones, they drain your time a different way, by talking v-v-very s-s-slowly.

Original review posted by user Aug 20, 2017

An outdoor-trash can which I had ordered from Walmart was supposed to have arrived on Aug. 10th and its now Aug.

20. I had spent HOURS and HOURS via both Walmart's personnel as well as via UPS. And no, I don't want the refund, I want the item! The tracking info indicates that it's lost at the UPS NJ facility.

HOW can it be lost may I ask, if there's a tracking number, for crying out loud?? And WHY on earth does it take Walmart so long to restock their items?

Why don't they have a system of special ordering for those customers whose items had become lost? For crying out loud, give me a break!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Shipping Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Monetary Loss: $199.

Walmart Cons: Extreme inefficiency.

  • Walmart Inefficiency
  • unreliable shipping
  • mismanaged restocking
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How did you spend $200 for a trashcan ?

I think I'd take the refund if somebody is offering one and rethink the situation.


Agree with you on this. Get your refund, got to a store, and buy one off the shelf.

Poof. You have a garbage can.


You were both assuming I have a car! That's why I buy online.

Everyone has diff. circumstances, so don't take anything for granted.


Well, I had to take a bus everywhere for the first 30 years of my life, and I lived on my own for 10 of those I do indeed know a thing or two about not having a car. And I don't take anything for granted, so don't even try to lecture me, you won't win.


Uh, it was actually 20.00 (or $19---something). But the pissedconsumer app. turned it into 200.00

Perhaps they hadn't stated I need to enter a decimal or whatever.



P.S. The reason why I didn't take a refund, is because in the interim, the price might be jacked up, just as happened within a few days when I was eyeing O'Cedar light 'n thirsty mophead.

It's now approx. twice as much, from $4something to $8something.

It's infuriating because the Behrens personnel emailed me that they did send stock to Walmart. But that store is so extremely mismanaged, it's beyond belief.

(And the same goes for my local store, when I used to drag myself there via the horribly convoluted, uncomfortable bus route. I don't have a car.


All I hear from you are excuses. No personal responsibility - no accountability. Don't feel too bad though - you're in good company - 98% of the rest of the population doesn't either.


Update: The manufacturer offered to send me the can after several emails to them. After a long long wait, it finally arrived today, dented on two sides.

The manufacturer's shipping dept. had failed to secure the bubble wrap surrounding the metal can (31-gal.). Instead there were two huge wads of bubble wrap on top of the can, inside the corrugated carton, which itself was so loosely taped as to rip open very easily.

Anyway, I made a makeshift mallet out of an ice-melt container.

I gripped the container's handle and BANGED BANGED to un-dent the innards. Then went through yet another tedium to process a refund via the ULTRA-SLOW outsourced chat agent. Par for the course.


is Walmart heading down under, along w/the rest of the pack? Or will Planet Earth sink first...that is the relevant question.