Mabscott, West Virginia

On a recent trip to walmart with my five and two year old, I made a purchase and left the store. When I stopped at the gas station I realized that there were two items in my purse that I hadn't purchased.

They were more than likely hidden there by my two year old who had no idea what she was doing. I was taught better than to steal so I went back to walmart and dragged both my kiddos in the store. I told the door greeter what had happened and she was like ...umm okay then told me I could pay for it at customer service. I took it to customer service where the manager and two other employees were standing around looking important.

I walked up to the manager and told her I was sorry and wanted to pay for the items and she was very mocking saying OMG and really you're such a criminal. It was all very joking but I was kind of offended because they sort of acted like I was an *** for coming all the way back to pay for five dollars worth of stuff!! I know walmart is a big corporation however I dont believe it is a very good reflection on the company when a store manager is so unconcerned with product loss and theft. Yes, I know I was bringing it back and paying for it, but shouldn't I have at least been thanked for my honesty instead of mocking me like some kind of freak.

As I was leaving after paying I saw the manager talking to one of the cashiers in the regular checkout and she was pointing at me and I heard the other girl say "Are you serious". Im not really too mad I just feel that pointing and laughing was very rude and unprofessional.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

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as you can tell I am one of those dishonest walmart employees. I make a perfect walmart associate because I am you typical blue collar ghetto trash...beware if you pay in cash I will not give you the correct change and pocket the rest.


Sounds like this lady we had today at my store (department store) that actually complained she was getting back more than she paid for her refund. And yes she had the receipt but somehow it was giving her the full amount back instead of her discounted rate after the coupons she used.

So we had to call a manager just to lower the prices lmao. I'm glad their are honest people but really I wouldn't have bothered.


laughing and pointing at Anonymous


Be thankful they laughed and didn't call the police like how they are trained to do. Last time I checked they are told to call the cops over anything over one USD.


Oh I wish I was an Oscar Meyer ***


They were just laughing because they didn't have anything better to do. I got off my high horse and that is why I decided to change my comment. Knowing the employees attitude they should have been fired.


They were just laughing at a funny situation get off youre highhorse. Knowing ur attitude they should have called the police when u admitted to stealing the items