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My perception is that 'Walmart' treats all there customers like thiefs. It is one thing to lock up electronics, but to lock up small ticket items is crazy.

I have to more or less ask permission to purchase razor blades from personal that need to be hunted down. New release movies(29$) are locked up, yet I can turn directly around and grab a season release that can cost 30$ and up. If you purchase an item that does not fit in a bag(cat litter dog food), a door greeter is supposed to scan you receipt. If this ever happens to me again, I will request the manager and in a very curt and concise way convey my annoyance.

If the Walmart corporation feels these steps are needed, then raise everything a dime in the stores and increase security. I also do not want to hear "Don't shop there if you don't like the way they run their stores." after Walmart has pretty much run most of the competition out of the area.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

Monetary Loss: $15.

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She has good points. That is how it works in every store.

Also what's wrong with saying shop somewhere else. I am sure you just shop for the low prices. Wal-mart is not exactly a high class store. If you want to shop where you will not be treated like a criminal shop elsewhere and pay more.

Where people have more class.

But after your comment to Cathy, perhaps you shop at Wal-mart because you have low class yourself. From your comment to Cathy my guess is you are a teenager or late ***.


Shut up Cathy you are so ***. I did not ask for your opinion. So stay off my letter okay you ***.


Blame the people that steal. It does not matter how much an item costs.

If a $29 dollar item in the same department has the same chance of being stolen than a $50 item than that item will be locked up. Why in some stores they evehn lock up trading cards if they have lots of people stealing it.


u mean chinamart that's what i call it if they ever close china's in trouble.