When I went to my doctor they told me that the medicine that they prescribe for my chronic pain due to a crippling accident I endured, will be henceforth sent electronically. I thought no more about it, until the time came to try to fill said prescription.

I was told that they didn't have enough meds to fill it. No problem, in the past they would just direct me to the next W-M pharmacy in my area. Because of government restrictions , I must wait until the day I am completely out of my meds to refill. Again no problem, right?

No , they tell me that because it's electronic and no longer a written scrip, I must have my doctors office electronically order it somewhere that does have it, or I can opt to take take less supply from them, then and there, but without any way to recoup the remaining meds for that month/scrip. I told my doctor about what happened, she says "no problem I'll call them". My wife goes in to pick up the meds, the pharm dept manager comes out, and rudely tells her that this won't be done again, all the while shaking the bottle of pills in her face. Very unprofessional.

I have thousands of dollars of meds filled there, but no more. I broke no no laws, and didn't try to get anything early. I had to have the meds a day early because of their mistake, not mine, and they need to reprimand the pharmacist for defying the Doctors orders.

Some how I don't see that happening. Just more of the same for the sick and dying from your friendly WALMART pharmacy in Nicholasville, KY

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: My doctor has the last word , not some pharmacy tech.

I didn't like: Being treated like some drug addict.

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You might want to catch up on the news. There are a lot of new regulations coming out for pharmacies and doctors in an attempt to cut back on the amount of pain killers being prescribed. Don't blame the pharmacy for doing their job in trying to reduce addictions.


Grow up, just because someone tells you no, or you cannot do something does not make them rude. You were not there with your wife so you have no idea what happened.

Do you not understand English.

They were not defying the doctor' orders, they are telling you that since this is no longer a written script they require you to get more. Learn English fool.

to FailingPersian289 #1561292

You werent there,fool, they did defy, so get a life.

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