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Spent over 200.00 on tires, saw the 50" TVs were on sale but did not have that much money on me. Drove home and got my payroll check from a local business only 3-4 miles away.

I worked a lot of hrs. in the last month and did not have time to cash my checks. Check was over 30 days, cashier refused, got the manager. He said it looked suspicious because of the date.

I had my license. Then he started in about the law. I said there is one sitting right outside, we can get them. This all took place in Port Clinton, Ohio.

I left pissed after making another trip back to this store to buy the TV. Drove to Fremont, OH Walmart and they cashed it.

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Cash your checks in a timely fashion. Lesson learned.


Time to get a checking account, sport.


He started in about the law because Walmart too has to abide by it. They can't overrule.

Walmart does this as a service.

They do not have to cash your check. That's another thing that bank accounts are for.