Rocky Mount, North Carolina
Not resolved

i recently purchase a set of wedding rings on dec 24 2009 at the rocky mount,nc store, the set has already turned black,i tried to return set on 02/05/10. i did not have store receipt but i have credit card auth number and valid id.

she made me feel like a common thief.

all i wanted to do was exchange for another set. i work customer service for the marriott corp if we treated our quest the way she treated me we would be out of business.i have been a walmart customer for many years and this is the first time i have ever been treated so unfairly.

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Walmart Jewelry is From KAY'S. sorry to break your hard Mike but check your Facts before you talk ***.


What do you expect from Walmart? Fake gold rings. Maybe you ought to kick yourself in the butt for buying FAKE RINGS and you wouldn't have had this problem