Woodburn, Oregon

My friend and I went to Walmart to look at nail polish. We walked into the cosmetic department, and went straight to the nail polish. We were kneeled looking at the different options. We unscrewed lids to see the actual colors of the polish because it never looks the same as it does in the bottle.

Then, what looked to possibly be the manager of that department, snaps at us "No no that is NOT acceptable." Surprised, we screw the lid of the polish we had in our hands and placed them back on the shelf, and nod our heads. Then, she continues to yell at us, "you know, at this point I'm going to ask you to leave. Now. It does not appear you two are actually shopping" she then looks at my purse.

I am pissed she accused us of stealing when we were looking at what to buy! My friend and I just stood up and, due to my lack of self control, simply called the rude employee a ***. I don't think she appreciated that.

I then went to the customer service desk to complain about the situation. They did not apologize to me for being accused of stealing. They just nodded. I just wish they cared about customer satisfaction.

Never shopping at Woodburn, Oregon Walmart again.

Making the longer trip to Fred Meyer or Safeway will be worth it.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Don't mess with products, like pulling the caps off them, and *** stuff you pulled. Who do you think you are anyways? I would had made you buy all that you tampered with, or get the police called on you...


Well, if someone else tried out the nail polish like you did and had a fungal infection you caught you wouldn't be very happy. But all they were doing was trying the polish to make sure it how it looked on them, except now you have a nail fungus. Do you see the problem with that?


First of all to the retards that replied to my letter I am 16 years old and old enough to shop on my own, I don't need my parents with me, second I was not destroying property, I was simply unscrewing the lids because I wanted to see what the color looked like, third of all *** you all. I will not be shoping here again, my friend from school works at the Fred Meyer location anyway so I can shop there and hopefully she can give me a discount, she is a cashier and hopefully again she can pretend to forget to scan some of my items like she did before.

There I get a discount anyway because my friend when I go to her cash pretends to scan an item but does not scan it at all so I get it free. So there, you think you all insulted us but you are wrong.


WHy open the nail polish to check the color if you see from the bottle what it looks like? You are very dishonest and so is your friend.

If you responded in a mature manner, then the manager would not have kicked you out.

Also, if your friend from school gets discounts from working at Fred Meyer, then those discounts are usually reserved for her and her immediate family. Not for friends. If she is caught then she can be fired for it.

Sorry, teenager. I do not buy your version of the story.


The manager should have asked you were your parents are because clearly if you think what you and your friend don't find a problem with opening up the bottles then clearly you are too young to shop without adult supervision.


When you open merchandise, you are destoying property. Walmart is private property. They can ask you to leave at any time.


"Then, she continues to yell at us, "you know, at this point I'm going to ask you to leave. Now. It DOES NOT APPEAR you two are actually shopping" she then looks at my purse."

That's discrimination.


Most stores will not allow this, and most paying customers don't want to purchase nail polish already exposed to air. Next time look online and don't act suspicious in a store.