Canandaigua, New York
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I went to pick up my scripts and for the 3rd time in 6 months they made me wait and I ended up being late for work. Waited to talk to a pharmacist for 10 minutes, when she came over she said very rudely "whats that look for"?

wtf difference does it make what I look like? then I asked her what she wanted, why was I waiting? she said nothing and walked away snickering along with the rude cashier that refused to refund my money when I told her I didn't have time to wait.

won't be going there again. service sucks, and employees are rude.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

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Waiting 10 minutes is a small town Pharmacy at 1pm in the afternoon when you had called ahead for your prescription is totally unacceptable.

It was a small town? It was during off hours?

You had called the prescription in ahead of time so it would be waiting for you?

I'd suggest just pushing yourself in line, or, fall on the floor and flail your limbs about. In that way, you'll be noticed for the rude, selfish, and obstinate person you appear to be.


I'm sure Walmart won't miss d.ouchebag customers like you!


You sound like a horrible person. I'm glad I dont know you.


So perhaps you should have went to get your prescriptions filled earlier. Seriously ten minutes is not enough.

Grow up and stop blaming others for your lack of timing. Also what kind of company would hire you? Your spelling and grammar reflect that you did not pass the first grade.

Then to give the pharmacist a dirty look because you waited until the last minute? You are the one that probably either forgot your meds or is abusing prescription drugs.


they were both called in earlier in the week. they were ready, they just refused to give me one of them .

one was called in on Tuesday and one on Thursday. got texts saying they were ready. I never take them in.

I always call way ahead. get a life dirtbag.


Seriously you need to grow up and not insult everyone who disagrees with you. Does mommy know you are using the PC to insult others or are you an adult abusing your meds.


I think you came into the pharmacy with an obvious attitude....and got one in return. Seems you have a waiting flash....the world does not revolve around you. Grow up


LTCC, I think you forgot your meds.


I think you need some.


I did not have an attitude nor do I have a waiting issue. Read the comment ***.

They were ready. They were called in days before.

There was no line, just rude people. Get a life.


Well you are not a very pleasant person yourself. Perhaps they are purposely being rude and slow because they want you to stop going there so they don't have to deal with your attitude. Why if I were the pharmacist I would not only take hours to help you but moon you as I give you your prescription as well just so you go elsewhere.