I bought a Nintendo Wii for my two children. My son was with me at the time so I asked him to pick out a game. He selected three games costing over $100. When he got home he wanted to play right away so I set up the system for him. I was watching him play one of the games and noticed that it had violence in it. Then I looked at the games more closely and noticed that they were rated Teen. I saw the rating on it before I bought it but did not know what it stood for. I told my son that I do not approve of him playing the games and returned the games the next day. My son had opened all three games to look at the instruction booklet that came along with them.

I went back THE SAME day to return the games. The man behind the counter told me that I could not return the games since they were already open. He later called the person from the games department and he told me the same thing. I asked to speak to a manager. Finally a CSM spoke to me. I told him that when I bought the game I had no idea that what the ratings represented and did not have the time to read the rating. I am a registered nurse that works ten hours a day and do not have much time for shopping. Well after a few minutes the CSM finally let me return the game. However he treated me like a child by telling me that they will make an exception this time but next time I have to check the ratings before buying the games. I am a registered nurse that makes triple or quadruple as much as him and he had the nerve to talk to me like this.

I later complained to the store manager about the CSM's rude behavior about how he treated me like a child by telling me that this time they will make an exception and he too was rude and told me that they had a story policy not to return opened software and that as a consumer I need to check myself before purhasing the game for my son. I make more money than him and he talked to me like I was uneducated. A registered nurse needs four years of Nursing school. A manager does not need any college experience and he had some nerve to talk to me like this.

Customer service is getting worse at this store. Last time when I had a problem of being forced to show a receipt they gave me a measley $25 gift card. This time they did not even give me that for the poor way I was treated.

I will no longer be shopping at your stores again since you could not even give me a gift card for my bad experience.

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WOW the original poster is f**king dumb.they might make more money than those Walmart workers but they sure have a far lower IQ score.

not only was she too dumb to check out the ratings on the game or at least ask, she was also too dumb to realize that open games can't be resold.

she's just some selfish b**tch that doesn't know how to raise her kids.she probably only lets them watch barney and elmo even though they're probably like 12 by now.


Are you the same registered nurse that made millions of complaints. Get lost b*tch, now one gives a s*hit how much money you make.


A Registered nurse needs only a two year associated degree you C U N T.


If you can't see the HUGE ESRB rating on the box which CLEARLY outlines what the meaning of the rating is.Then we can only wonder how many things you would miss on a patients chart.

Just another poor excuse for a parent trying to make an excuse for THEIR mistakes.

Not to mention all receipts when you buy a CD, DVD or Video Game CLEARLY state an item cannot be returned once opened.Get a clue and some common sense.

:cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry

Palo Alto, California, United States #253550

I fear for your patients. The ESRB rating on the game is huge!

If you can manage to miss a large print, bold rating on the front of a game then what are you going to miss while skimming through a chart?

I don't care how much money you make, or what your education is. You carried on like a petulant child, they not only went against policy on this transaction the quite literally had to skirt the LAW in order to refund your opened games.


-Dead thread I know--

but...that's 100% your fault...people can rip games afterword opening, that's why Wal-mart wont take them back...I think you should be grateful they "allowed" you to return the item...that's good customer service....A "good parent" researches before she buys her kids things....

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #47208

How would you feel if someone went to your job and complained about the way you treated them or how bad your service is? You wouldn't like it one bit even if they were just making false judgments on you and every gosh *** employee that works around you.

When you something this ***, maybe someone or a group of people have to pay for it. It's not only Carol or us that may have to pay for it, it could be everybody. But you don't give a *** lady. What if someone lost their job because of this? The rating is on the box and YOU bought this on your behalf so you can not say that you were tricked into buying this and that you got cheated.

It is consumers like you that make other people not want to go to. "I will not be shopping in your stores again." You say that in every complaint. It's not like other people want to be around someone that is difficult anyways.


So you're a registered nurse. You mentioned this about 90 times in your complaint, as if it makes you superior to the Wal-Mart employee. "I make triple or quad druple as him" well congratulations.

Wal Mart's policy is you can't return electronics once it's been opened, and it usually says that on the receipt, and the reason for this isn't poor service, it's because people rip off Wal Mart more than you'd probably think.

The game's rating is right on the game, and says on the back of the case why it's rated what it is. If you didn't know what it meant, you should've asked upon checkout. You'd think someone as educated as yourself would know this.

I hope you have time to read this, with your busy nursing schedule and all.


seriously. what a ***

Goldsboro, North Carolina, United States #32379

Dreamer you are ***.Who are you to poke fun of my English when you can't even read yourself.

I did have the receipt. READ THE LETTER. Also I have read your post. You used paragraphs at least you did something right.

You must make your parent proud. However you must write sentences with capital letters and end them with periods. Also if you can't be mature get off this site.

I bet you are another pre-teen or a sexually frustrated teenager that likes taking your anger out on others or perhaps you are an adult that is jealous of me because you can't provide entertainment for your children.GROW UP.

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