black friday shopping at walmart in leesburg florida they treated me like a thief going out the door wouldnt let gerry see my receipt had a rude officer crenshaw fruitland park police threaten to arrest me please im a 55 year old woman trying to shop and i get treated like this how appauling is that i will never go to walmart again and ill tell my friends to boycott it also a nd family,thanks sheryll garner 10030 carole place .leesburg florida 34788 i exspect some kind of apoligy from walmart corporation or i will voice my complaint louder

Monetary Loss: $94.

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i got no apoligy yet. i be viocienig my complint even louder.


The Leesburg walmart is a great store, #1 in many areas. I have never had a problem there and am friendly with many of its employees.

Sounds to me like you are racist for insinuating that they targeted you by color. There are hundreds of african american shoppers there and also many african american employees.

I think you are mistaken and possibly trying to steal. Weird how the management team in Leesburg is over 50% african american yet you feel they were racist.


Actually Black Friday comes as an old term having to do with the part of the season...after thanksgiving... that a businesse can say that it is...

" IN THE BLACK", which means that they are not "IN THE RED", In the Black means that they are making money and not losing it....

If your that ignorant and don't know things, you shouldn't voice them....

so shut the *** up and stop crying... your an ***.


You actually stole from them, and you are complaining about being caught?

They have cameras. They caught you because they catch everyone who steals, black, white, whatever. You can't just hide behind calling other people racist whenever something goes bad for you.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #216022

the fact that they call it black friday shows how rasist they is, they call it blac friday cause they only think black people are cheap and waht thigs on sail.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #216020

how do they know i stole anyway when it was busy was just waching me cause i am black rasists they is. treated like a thief when they only washed me for being black otherwise wold got away with it. want an apollogy and will vioce my complint louder to NCMA

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