Kansas City, Missouri
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upon arrival at store to return unusable item, with receipt, there was no greeter at door to check item. i proceeded to costomer service where i was ignored by "associate" and described many times over as if a police discription. after almost twenty minutes was approached by manager who also was rude and asked many questions that are really not important, much less any of your business. i felt humiliated, confused, and most of all, i was shocked by the treatment i receaved when store policy states that an item may be returned for any reason within thirty days.

after a 45 minute interigation i was allowed to return my item but not without my whole evening being shot with frustration and anger towards this manager who explained, "i have to cover my ***," no concern for me, the consumor. i doubt if i will ever use wal mart again as k-mart is still a costimer oriented store who will treat me with dignaty and respect.

you should be ashemed of yourselves........!!

sincerely and totally pissed off, peggy moore

p.s.: this store is located in st. robert, MO.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

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shut up all of you so you make fun of me but I am in eight grade so my english is not perfect you child molesting english teacher. and my mommy says i have to tell the truth and that i did steal something that is why they were embarassing me. still destryed my dignity thanks for correcting my mistake you fedophile english teacher who molests her studebnts.


Kmart is not no better as a matter of fact much much more higher in prices


Learn to Spell

1) Consumer - not "consumor"

2) Dignity - not "dignaty"

3) Customer-oriented - not "costimer"