Fort Saint John, British Columbia
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I have not often shopped at Walmart, but was horrified to find that every customer, instead of being respected and welcomed, is treated as a potential criminal. Having someone peer inside my shopping bags and demand to see a receipt for goods I had already paid for was highly insulting.

I regard that as a breach of human rights and an afront to my dignity as a law abiding person.

I assume that this is to reduce shop lifting, but the onus I believe is on them to have proper security detecting criminal behaviour, rather than penalising the majority of honest customers.

I will not be shopping here again and will make sure I warn other people to stay away.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Customer Care.

Reason of review: insulting and degrading behaviour towards customers.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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This is WM of all places -- They do everything in their power to cut payroll down to the absolute bone. This is why they have a dozen, self-scan...stations running and only 3 or 4 normal registers.

There's no way they're actually gonna spend a penny on hiring people to walk around and watch for shoplifters. Besides, they can't actually STOP them until they set off an alarm or walk outside with the stolen goods.

More to the point, thieves LOVE WM. They know all of the above.

If WM is treating people as potential thieves, it's because there ARE more potential thieves per capita than pretty much any other store. Bag checks are simply par for the course at a place like that.


I've been to Walmart more times that I care to remember or admit, and have never had my bags searched. The only time I'm asked to show my receipt is around xmas time, or when there's a big purchase.

But there's alot of stealing, and stores have to do what they have to do.

If people behaved themselves and could be trusted, the stores wouldn't have to take these precautions. Thank your fellow human for this.


"I regard that as a breach of human rights and an afront to my dignity as a law abiding person."

Wow. I hate you.

Get over yourself. What a goof.