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I have gone to the new WALMART in Woodsville NH at least a half dozen times over the last three weeks. Each time I've entered, I've left feeling absolutely disgusted. The staff there obviously don't enjoy their work (environment). It has been my experience, with few execeptions that the staff are unfriendly, inconsiderate, discourteous and generally unpleasant to deal with. That is if you can get them to assist you at all. No one smiles, no acknowledgement, and no understanding of their products. Employees go out of their way to avoid interacting with customers. And, I don't just mean me. I can surely understand if I caught someone on a bad day, but not when virtually everyone has attitude. I fully recognise that what I write here will account for very little. But, I needed to address this issue because most people will just leave the Store angry and not say anything at all. The only way to help improve the service at Walmart is to try and highlight some of the problems.

No one ever seems to be manning department service counters. I usally have to flag down someone to help me. When you do finally get someone to help they seem to be put-out that you interupted whatever they were doing.

On one occasion I nearly collided with an employee racing down an isle with a cart. I was coming out of a side isle and just picked my head up in time to stop before being hit. He never even slowed down and/or acknowledged me. (by the way, he did look at me). I guess he (and several others) missed both classes on Saftety and Courtesy.

One another ocasion I went to the Sports counter. There was an employee there, on the telephone. It was obvious after a couple of minutes that she was engaged in a personal call. I stood there for several minutes, first being patient and gradually beginning to get steamed. The entire time the employee was on the phone she never acknowledged me. When she got off the phone, I had to solicit her for help before she decided to assit me. I was further taken aback when she said it wasn't her Dept. I had to ask her to get someone that could help. That person was supposedly the department supervisor. She intially acted quite arrogant. By the way that day I bought a new rifle scope for over $ 200.00. I guess employee aren't taught to be proactive.

A couple of days ago I purchased a 4foot tube light. When I got it home it didn't work. After several attempts to get it to work I finally gave up and called the store. I spoke with "Bob". He was very friendly and sympathetic. I wanted to bring the light back to exchange it for another. I asked him if there was some way we could check to be sure the new light worked before leaving the store. He said;"Yes". I took the light back this morning. Upon encountering several lenthys line at the Service Desk all of which seemed to be occupied by employees cashing their checks, I asked my wife to complete the transaction while I went to get another light. When I arrived at the electrical deptment, as usual, no one was there. I eventually flagged down an employee, explained the situation. She who offered to get someone to help. She flagged down a woman who said it was her area. I once again explained the situation. She said they didn't have the capability to test the light before it left the store and that I would have to take it home and try it there, and bring it back if it didn't work... Her attitude was rude and defiant. I said I'd like to speak with a manager. After having said it twice, she said she'd get one. I waited several minutes with no result.

I went to the Customer Service Counter and asked to speak with the highest level manager available in the store. the two women present said they were the managers. Teri and Bernice. I tried to explain to them that I wasn't trying to be adversial but I have some complaints about their staff. I explained that I thought their employees were inconsiderate, rude unprofessional and generally seemd very unhappy. Looking at the scowl on Bernice's face I said; "yes, just like that". Her response was; "I just get here to work". Anyway, Teri responded to my comment not offering comment or appeasement. She simply said; "Thankyou for your CONSTRUCTIVE critism. I took that to mean she wasn't particularly interested in what I thought.

This store obviously needs a more comprhensive staff training program with required goals set for meeting customer sacifaction (or at least ackowledgement). With very few execptions, everyone seems either angry or unhappy to be there.

My wife pointed out to me at the Service Desk that the employees mirror the attitude of the managers. She used to work at Ames.

I truly hope my thoughts won't go unnoticed. The ball is in your court.

Scott B. Jennings

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Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #24697
:grin I guess you can say the saying goes the same for my store Dan. :grin
Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #24687

Well I guess you have not heard of the saying, I can only please one person a day, today is not your day and tomorrow does not look too bright either. Maybe that store only hires people who go by this principal.

Unionville, Virginia, United States #24470

No, the ball is in your court. You need to call 1-800-Walmart. Address your complaints to them.

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