Nashville, Tennessee

walmart oak ridge tn.treats their idiots/slaves.bc its small town,they all need their job,they are all scared to say anything.I do not/ have never wk at wm hope i never have to, but would be a happier customer if i knew they respected their employees,who for most part works hard.LIKE u think they could give them $10.00 walmart gift card for christmas...(where else could they spend it)NOT.Company will probably never read this,so im not sure why im venting, feel sorry for wm employees,they have no leadership

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Gift Card.

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Employees have a choice. To work or not for an employer.If you are disatisfied with your current employer , get a nwe job.


I've had several friends and family members work for them and was turned down for a job because I had just left a union job. I can't speek for every store or manager, but I do know it's generaly a job not worth the compensation.


This person may never have worked for walmart they seem to know enough. Walmart is the WORST employer to work for.

They expect one person to do the job of 10. You are held accountable (get points) if you are in a car accident on the way to work.

You are forced to go into work at 10pm on xmas night so they dont miss one precious dollar of potential sales. and thats just the beginning...Sam is rolling and rolling and rolling

David L

Gee So sad, slow day for you. You didn't rip the OP a new *** for spelling, spacing or accuse the OP of being a 3 year old. Not feeling well?


How would you know how they treat their employees if you've never worked there?