Phoenix, Arizona

i had my add with me so I wouldn't forget so I found the pork loins but instead of being 2.28 a pound they were 3.89 a pound so I look for the meat person and asked where ware were your pork loins that were advertised for 2.28 a pound he couldn't give ma a answer I gave him my add and he went to find a manager he came back and said they didn't have them but there were 20 of them in front of me then his manager still wouldn't sell me the pork loin now I am really pissed off so I left without what I came I went to the check out pay for my other things, I had three coupons to use on my order my coupons wouldn't scan so they said they couldn't give me the money off now I am really pissed off even more so I left without buying anything and this will be the last time I shop at Wall mart the home of some real stooped people

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

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Did you really just call someone *** (not stopped) and you don't know the basics in English grammar, capitalization and punctuation?


Judging from your spelling and grammar, I wonder are you sure you got the correct pork lion. Perhaps the reason they could not give you an answer is because they could not understand your poor English?

Perhaps your coupons were expired? Next time take someone along with you to the store, someone who has more than a first grade level of English.

First Born Triplet

Oh diss. You really pwned this person.