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I checked on the website that there were 63 combo charcoal/gas grills in stock before I ordered. I paid with credit card to pick up in store around 10/ 10:30 am.

The site indicated that it would take about 4 hours to get order ready. Received email that order would be ready after 1:45 pm. Wen to store and was told that order was cancelled as there was none in stock (though I checked before ordering and they took my discover card payment). Later, at 3:57 pm my phone got a message from Walmart indicating they cancelled my order.

My computer received an email at 4:20 pm indicating the same. Why did they take my credit card? Why did they wait until almost 2 hours after the pickup time to let me know there were none in stock. Why did the site indicate that there were 63 in stock when I ordered.

No good answers from them. I believe they were inconsiderate, deceptive, and not a good operation to do business with. Went to a competitor and bought a better unit for a comparable price. So much for trying to do business with Walmart.

I don't feel they did business with me in good faith.

I feel that their website was deceptive and so was the results of the ordering process.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Credit Card.

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Waleska, Georgia, United States #820096

You should never have went to the store until you received the email stating the order was ready for pickup. The website will not always be right and if you received no email stating to pick it up why did you go to pick it up? It is a little of a disappointment, but nothing to be mad at.

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