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You really do need to take a chill pill and grow up yourself. People that are continually making you to be a bad person when they are the ones going around the stroe putting things in there blue bags and purses all because they claim they do not have any money.

Well you know what people who work and steal from there company need to move on and let other people who do want to work. This person has been caught many times and will never be fired because they claim she is the queen. Well you know what no one is the queen in retail. Everyone is to work together where you are a cumstomer or an employee.

Now employees like this we do not need if they constantly keep watching other employees or customers just so they can try and steal something themselves. I have already caught this person taking tags and exchanging the tags and because of who this perosn is they do not care. We all need to take a stand and try and stop the shop lifters from stealing the more we stop the better the profit. You realize that because of you and everyone else that are biased about this whole matter are the ones creating the bigger burden.

How can a person do there job at the door if they are going around doing whatever they please. The door greeters are to stay at the door at all times especially now. This is the biggest season for profit loss. So what you have been telling me is that it is okay for her to watch other people entering the store but she is does not have to watch the people exiting the door.

That is where my biggest complaint is. She is not watching the door like she should when certain people come through the door. She goes into to trans and starts to stare while people are exiting the door and should could care a less whether she catches that person or not. She has a problem staying focused on the things she needs to stay focused on is all I have been trying to say.

People like that do not need to be door greeters if they can not stay focused on the job at hand. Too much is in stake with people walking out with equipment. She already had several thing pass her the other day when I was in the store. She cared more about talking to another customer rather than taking care of the person with the package the beeper went off on and how do we ever know that item was ever paid.

I look at that as pure negligence and failure to do the job properly.

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