Allentown, Pennsylvania
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I took my son to my local Walmart because he had turned 15 the day before and wanted to purchase a couple things with his birthday money. We picked up a computer mouse and keyboard, a hunting knife and a cheap machete.

We get up to the counter and place the things on the belt. The girl looks at my son and says "I need ID for him" to buy the machete. I told her "You don't need ID for him. I'm buying it." She refuses to ring up the order and calls over a manager.

He also says without my son's ID they can't sell ME the machete. I told my son to go stand away from the register then I turned to them and said "Now, it's just me here and I'm buying this." They STILL wouldn't sell it to me until they contacted another higher up manager. I was LIVID! They were giving me, a person who has a concealed carry permit and with a .38 special in my right pocket, a hard time about purchasing a *** imitation machete.

I said out loud (and I am not normally flustered like this) "You are starting to *** me off." The people behind me agreed with me concerning what was going on.

Finally the upper management manager gave the "go ahead" from a remote location. I doubt that I shall ever shop there again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Walmart Cons: Being treated disrespectfully.

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They said same thing to my wife when she went in to purchase a video game for him wouldn't let her buy it.


You had a gun, you should have showed it to her and threatened her with it and demanded she allow your son to buy the machete. Easier way to solve problem.


Folks like you are the reason people want to ban guns. How close to pulling the gun out of your pocket to make a point?


Who are you to tell the cashier what she does or does not need? I'm sure she knows her job and the law requirements.

Telling your son to stand away from the register isn't making it any better.,the cashier is prompted to ask for ID just as she would if she were ringing up alcohol, everybody in the party must be ID'd to avoid any third party sales to a minor. telling the minor to step away doesn't change that. I had to laugh when I read the part where you stated that they asked you,,someone who has a concealed carry permit and has a .38 special in your right pocket a hard time about purchasing a machete. exactly who or what does that make you???

Are all the rules supposed to bend just for you now? I know a lot of people who have concealed carry permits, and...??? You raised your voice so that the people in line and surrounding areas could hear your ignorance, I highly doubt you were impressing anyone. I'm sure they were all just anxious for you to climb down off your high horse and leave so they could get checked out.

for some reason you seem to think that because you carry said permit and a .38 special the laws and/or policies no longer apply to you. I worry about the future of your son due to your ignorance and total disrespect for laws.

First B

So you did a survey on the people behind you and they all confirmed they agreed with you? That is the only way to fully know, otherwise you are just guessing.

I like how people sometimes assume that everyone in line is agreeing with them.

Hey you are a cool mom, next time buy your son a rocket launcher.

First B

Now we wonder why there are stabbings and shooting at school and where the parents get the weapons from.


First two responders. You both missed the *** point. *** ***

First B

What is the *** point. :D


That's just the rules for age restricted items. Get over it.

Fyi, it'll be the same if you try to buy alcohol or tobacco. Everyone I'm the party has to be over the age, unless they're like three or four years old. You weren't buying it anyway, you specifically said your son was buying it with his birthday money.

And what does you being licenced to conceal have to do with anything? Pay a fee, pass a class, and anyone can be licenced to conceal.


For heaven's sake, I wouldn't want my 15 year old to have any kind of machete and furthermore I wouldn't have any kids with somebody that thinks they have to run around with a gun on them, whether or not they have a permit. There isn't any reason to have a gun on your person all the time. Basically what you are saying is that being you were armed you should have had your way-----aren't you the big, bad parent???


OMG you bought the kid a machete and a knife! omg run for the hills!

Somebody call the police and the FBI. God forbid a 15yr old guy have either of these.

America is turning into a bunch of *** if a grown man can't own a knife or gun. If you are such a puss move to London.

First B

Ha blame it on all the school shootings and stabbings. Not the store for following the law.

Which is the point the parent is missing, but I have a feeling this is a troll complaint we are all falling for. That is why I told the mother to get her child a rocket launcher since she is a cool mom.

@First B

if the kid wanted a knife to do a school stabbing there are much better and easier places to get one than from his parent at walmart.