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I hope it is to Walmarts advantage to keep sending me credit card statements after I've paid them in full and end up charging late fees. I hope the $26.41 I just paid them is worth it to them.

I am pulling all of our prescription drugs from their pharmacy and going across the street. This is probably about a thousand dollars a month. Is it worth it Wal Mart?? You and your chiken *** credit?????

I will from this day shop at every other store in the area for anything I need. I have spent tens of thousands of dollars at the Pendleton Wal Mart since it opened. Is this worth it.....$26.41 You chicken ***?????

I will also try to persuade all members of my family and all of my friends to do the same. Is this worth $26.41 Wal Mart????? I hope so because that is what I'm going to do.

Monetary Loss: $26.

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The WalMart family is worth several billions dollars. Your prescription purchases or any purchases for that matter, mean nothing to them.

Entitled little ***.

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