Bought a wallet (with no price tag attached) so brought another along for cashier.Was charged twice and given the wrong one( noticed in the parking lot and had to return to exchanged). Upon coming home I checked my bill and noticed error.

Cannot return, as I only have one wallet??? Cashier in a huge hurry.

Service was poor, poor, poor. Will never return to that store!!

Should a person stand at the cashier station to review all these items before leaving causing even worse customer service???

I will in the future not be trying to help a cashier if this is the result!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

Monetary Loss: $10.

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I am a Walmart cashier from Ohio. Simply take your receipt with you to the customer Service department and explain to them what happened.

They will make it right with you. You can either get the wallet you paid for or get your money back. I want to add an FYI, returns without a receipt will automatically go on a Walmart gift card.

Good Luck-Sorry you had that experience. The reason the cashier was in such a hurry was she is on a quota-meaning she has to hit 1,000 scans per hour.


Next time bring mommy shopping with you so that she can explain to the cashier that you wanted wallet A and it had no price tag on it so you bought Wallet B to scan. The cashier is not a mind reader and had no idea that you did not want both wallets.

You are obviously nine years old because an adult would have known at the time that they were charged double. I know that it makes you feel big and independent to shop without an adult but in your case you just showed you are not capable as yet.

Perhaps in a three years when you are older and more mature you will be, but right now it appears that you are not since you expected the cashier to be a mind reader and know that you wanted only one wallet scanned and were using the barcode for the other because the one you wanted did not have the barcode. Take mommy shopping with you so she can explain this for you.


If you were given the wrong wallet, that means that the one you took with for the cashier to see the price, could have been a different price. It is also a very good possibility that the wallet you got was considerably higher priced than the other one.

They do have people that the cashier could have go and check the price of the wallet that you wanted, which would be the logical thing to do.

As far as wasting time at the check out, in this case being you didn't mention buying anything other than the wallet, it wouldn't have delayed things that much if you had checked your one purchase. In a way this is your fault for bringing two items up to the register for pricing and only wanting one of them.